Marilyn Manson was rushed to the hospital in New York Saturday night after being crushed by two large Stage Props during his concert appearance at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan New York.

Less than one hour into the performance while singing his hit 'Sweet Dreams,' Manson began climbing the pistols which suddenly gave way, falling forward directly at the singer.The heavy stage props pushed Manson backward, causing him to lose his footing before hitting the ground and pinning him to the stage.

Rock concert takes a scary turn

Manson's band continued to play until stagehands rushed the stage to assist the singer.

Horrified fans watched in shock as the singer spent ten minutes laying motionless on the stage of the Hammerstein Ballroom while emergency responders lifted the singer onto a stretcher then transported him to a nearby hospital.

According to Variety, the lights remained off several moments after Manson was carried from the stage before the house lights came up and an announcer stated to the crowd that the show was ending early due to Manson's injury. Manson's rep later posted ton the singer's official website that Marilyn "suffered an injury towards the end of an incredible NYC show. He is being treated at a local hospital."

Marilyn Manson rushed to NYC hospital following a freak accident

Fans in attendance captured the accident on video and immediately began sharing the shocking accident on the social media.

It did not take long before rumors began circulating concerning Manson's condition. At this time the extent or severity of the singer's injuries has not been officially revealed. This has led to many celebrity gossip sites falsely reporting stories of the singer undergoing emergency surgery to remove his crushed testicles, however, GC posts that no such surgery has taken place and that the singer appears to be suffering from a leg injury.

As of this afternoon, Rolling Stone magazine posted Marilyn Manson's rep confirmed that due to injuries abstained from Saturday night's accident Marilyn is" forced to cancel several of his October dates on his forthcoming US tour." He also revealed that Marilyn would spend the next few weeks recovering at his Los Angeles home.

Concert dates canceled include shows from Oct. 2 - 14, including stops in Boston, Toronto, Camden, New Jersey, Chicago, and Houston.All shows are expected to be rescheduled, and ticket holders should be alerted of the new dates in the upcoming weeks. We wish Marilyn Manson a speedy and full recovery.