BET network has moved forward with a second season of "Tales" created by producer Irv Gotti Lorenzo. This confirmation was made through social media website Instagram from the producer himself on his page. Many fans can't wait to check out what he is currently working on after a great beginning to an epic series back in 2017.

'Tales' in 2018

The great thing about this particular series is that it touches on many different social topics along with providing a great amount of entertainment as well. Current social events include police brutality against minorities, Black Lives Matter events, and even human trafficking going on around our nation.

Season two promises to bring the same amount of energy again this year.

The first season for BET's "Tales" came in with a big bang to start things off, and ended even bigger with the season finale starring actor and rapper Jim Jones, actress Tami Roman, actor Demetrius Shipp, Jr., and actress Kyndall Ferguson. The entire cast put on an amazing performance based off of the hit song "All I Need" by award-winning singer Mary J. Blige, along with actor and rapper Method Man. The two hour-long episode left us all on the edge of our seats with all of the drama and adventures that happened throughout the show. We can all agree that Gotti's first endeavor into television was a huge success in 2017.

'All I Need'

Rapper Jim Jones plays a big-time drug dealer and pimp who takes over a hotel complex with hopes of making a lot of quick money through human trafficking from state to state.

He has two girls that he forces to help him. One woman included is played by Tami Roman, and another is played by Kyndall Ferguson. Roman has been a part of street life since her childhood in the series, but Ferguson seems to be fairly new and very eager to leave.

Demetrius Shipp, a war veteran, interrupts Jones' plans of becoming rich overnight, leaving both he and Ferguson with a big ordeal.

This incident forces them to make the decision of whether to continue running with hopes of having freedom and a peaceful relationship, or the decision to stay and face the consequences of their environment. Ultimately, fate determined where they landed after they are both caught in the middle of a shootout where multiple police officers are shot and killed. BET has scheduled 12 new episodes for this year, but there has not been any confirmation as to when exactly the premiere will air.