Honestly, producer Irv Gotti's newest television series on BET is very underrated from my view I must say! I'm highly surprised that more people have not been talking about this newest hit show that airs every Tuesday night more. The series is based on a variety of different hip-hop songs in which each episode gives a visual to the hip-hop or rap music we listen to today or classic songs we have in the past. These are sort of like music videos but in the form of mini music movies in a way. Very cool perspectives are given with each episode I must say.

'Tales' is one of the best series to start 2018!

What really brought a lot of spotlight to this series was the first episode based off of the legendary music group NWA hit song. It is pretty explanatory from the title what the episode is about, but there is a big twist from your traditional shows that speak of police brutality against minorities. With this episode, the only people that were employed as police on the streets were African Americans and the only people that were shown in the areas that were considered the hood were Caucasians. This is not something anyone is typically used to in today's society so it took many off-guard and rubbed some the wrong way.

The episode in question

During the episode, the police were abusing the civilians so badly and on a regular throughout each day, were abusing their power.

They even put the civilians on a set schedule of when they could be out and about and when they were supposed to be back home or at least back in their own territory in which they referred to as The Jungle. This was also debated as well because it seemed to be a racial slur in a way, depicting that the people who lived in that particular area or around the area were considered monkeys or out of control animals.

The people of this area even had to register these passes that sort of remind you of bus passes in order to move around the city, and to come to and from their neighborhood, another way to keep track of everyone in the neighborhood.

Each episode of "Tales" is pretty much like music videos but on the level of mini or short movies for each song.

This is a highly creative approach towards combining writing with music and film. Another great thing about this series is that it features so many great actors and actresses, including ones from other hit movies and other television series. For example, you have rapper Jim Jones, actress Tami Roman, actor Sinqua Walls, actor Jharrel Jerome, Boris Kodjoe from "The Real Husbands of Hollywood," award-winning actor Clifton Powel, rapper MC Lyte, actor Lance Gross, rapper Bre-Z, Peyton Alex Smith from "The Quad," and actor Matthew Noszka, just to name a few.