Season 6 of "Basketball Wives" is finally heating up thanks to Evelyn Lozada's lack of patience with Jackie Christie. In the past, Jackie has been able to trash talk and be messy all she wanted with most of the "BBWLA" cast avoiding confrontation. This time around, Jackie may have met her match because Evelyn isn't letting anyone get away with anything and in a sneak peek for an upcoming episode, it looks like the two are about to clash.

Jackie Christie - always the source of the drama

If there is drama on "Basketball Wives," it's pretty safe to say that Jackie Christie is either directly involved or she's somewhere on the sidelines stirring up trouble.

Even in the case where Evelyn wanted to do a makeover on Cristen, Jackie managed to get tangled up because she told Cristen that she didn't know anything about it. In fact, Jackie did know all about the makeover plans and was quick to tell Evelyn that Cristen isn't going to like it and she may even hit her.

Then there was the issue between Evelyn and Tami Roman earlier in the season. Evelyn and Tami have a beef that goes way back to the original "BBW" in Miami days. It all stems from Evelyn confessing to Tami that she slept with Kenny Anderson. It turns out that the affair went down after Tami had filed for divorce but semantics being what they are, Evelyn technically slept with Tami's ex-husband while she was still legally married to him.

As Tami and Evelyn worked to squash their drama, Jackie still managed to weasel her way in, causing drama for both Tami and Evelyn by continuing to stir up the issue between them.

Not to mention the huge drama between Jackie and Evelyn that played out in earlier episodes. It turns out that Jackie was furious at Evelyn for helping out her estranged daughter Ta'Kari last year when Ta'Kari's son had a daycare accident that left him with burns over much of his body. Evelyn donated money to Ta'Kari to help with the medical expenses and it enraged Jackie that Evelyn did that even though she never helped her own daughter out.

What put Evelyn over the top?

Evelyn Lozada has been keeping tabs on Jackie Christie throughout the season and she's noticed that if there is drama, Jackie is knee-deep in it. Evelyn also recently noted that Jackie is wishy washy and she lies to suit her own agenda. The most recent example of that is when Jackie called Soniy'yah a liability and then buddied up to her like they have been BFFs for years.

Which is it Jackie? Is Saniy'yah someone that the women should be hanging out with or not?

Now it looks like Evelyn is ready to take Jackie on face to face and that could get interesting. So far, Jackie has butted heads with just about everyone but usually, they end up backing down because, let's face it, Jackie isn't right in the head and everyone knows it. Even on the most recent episode of "Basketball Wives," Jackie was screaming about how she would commit "homicide" if they didn't keep Cristen away from her after she attempted to set her up to fight in public with her sister Aja Metoyer.

Now Evelyn Lozada is on a mission to take down Jackie Christie. She even joked about going on a book tour with Jackie's daughter Ta'Kari, who is releasing a tell-all book about her life and growing up as the daughter of Jackie.

The drama has been turned all the way up and "Basketball Wives" is about to get real good.

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