Time has flown for Scotty McCreery in many respects. It has only been six years since the deep-voiced, fresh-faced, North Carolina native swept Jennifer Lopez and all of America away on “American Idol” in 2011. Success surged at a breakneck pace for the boy who was a grocery bagger just weeks before his trek began on the talent show.

The nation witnessed Scotty McCreery learn to harness his baritone for best effect, learn how to work the camera and the crowd, and craft that sideways hold on the microphone all in a matter of weeks. Just months after taking the “American Idol” win, he was storming the charts with “Clear as Day,” his first country album, and becoming the first and youngest country male artist to debut at number one.

Life has had its share of knocks for Scotty since then, and learning the lessons from them has only imbued seasoning to his deep voice. His song,” Five More Minutes” has a lot to say about cherishing every moment.

Never short on spirit

“Five More Minutes” has been part of Scotty McCreery's nightly set list for almost a year, and “always earns a standing ovation” according to the singer-songwriter. Fans have been pleading for an official release, and last Friday, it became available to have, hold, and hear in digital form. Scotty co-wrote the song with Frank Rogers and Monty Criswell just after the passing of his paternal grandfather, and feelings of loss were lingering and raw just beneath the surface.

Scotty reflects that emotion “poured out” through the writing session, as those wishes for just that brief interval of time filled the room and the memories of the collaborators.

Last year, Scotty McCreery shared his life in pages with his memoir, "Go Big or Go Home: The Journey Toward the Dream." Far more than just regaling his “Idol” days, the still youthful star shares the wisdom and grounding from family and friends that keep him centered through storm and spotlight.

One blow from a storm came when he was dropped from Mercury Nashville after his “Southern Belle” in 2015. No matter the gold and platinum hardware on the mantle or dollars in the bank for labels, any artist today has a struggle to keep a deal, but Scotty McCreery keeps a consistent throng coming to shows, and that won't be stopping soon, especially with “Five More Minutes” granted.

Scotty McCreery is never one to boast, and he deems it “my favorite song I've ever written.”

Straight live and studio

The live recording of “Five More Minutes” from the Grand Ole Opry, released 10 months ago, is as heartfelt as music comes, with Scotty explaining the timing and the story behind the song. Just like he relates in the lyric of a date with Katie, “I just want a few more drops of the good stuff,” McCreery's wish is one that stings in every heart. The song’s journey goes from childhood fishing to “angels in the room” seen by his soon-departing granddad, and no one can help but hear the straight from the heart urgency.

The studio version naturally has more polish and finish of production, and does push Scotty McCreery to push his deep voice to realms than those he finds comfortable. Whichever version rings in the heart, the message is clear—to make wishing reality, and the sooner the better.