An alleged Safaree Samuels nude video leaked online on Saturday and it has "Love & Hip Hop" fans freaking out. The video circulated on social media for several hours before it was removed but in the short time it was up, many were impressed with what Nicki Minaj's ex is packing.

The video was pulled from social media so it's not incredibly easy to find. However, if you look real hard, the video is still out there. And since this is the social media age, plenty of screenshots are still available as well. Unfortunately, that's about as many clues as I can give to help you find the elusive Safaree Samuels nude video.

If you do go searching, be warned that this is definitely NSFW (not safe for work) or anywhere public.

Fans react to Safaree exposed

So far, Safaree hasn't commented on the video and there's no telling where it came from. What is clear is that the latest nude video leak was shocking and many still haven't gotten over it since Safaree is still trending on Twitter. Here's what people had to say about it.

Tammy Roman had to put her bonnet on and talk about what she saw in the video. Be warned about this too. This video of the "Basketball Wives" star reacting to Safaree Samuels' nude video is just as NSFW. Watch and laugh at your own risk.

Tammy warned everybody about leaving Safaree alone.

He's probably getting quite a few messages right now as a result of that video leak. Here's another typical response on Twitter.

Whether he leaked the video or not, there's no doubt that Safaree Samuels is seeing a huge increase in social media followers.

There are quite a few jokes about how women used to talk about how corny Safaree is. That was all part of his charm. Now it seems that no one thinks he's corny anymore at all.

Safaree still trending

Safaree Samuels is still trending because of just how shocking his recent nude video leak was.

"Love & Hip Hop" fans just can't get over the latest nude leak. There have even been claims that Safaree "broke the internet" and it's safe to say that he's definitely got our attention.

Safaree is a smart guy and he seems to be capitalizing on all of the attention that he's getting right now. He even took to Instagram today to announce that he's releasing "Hunnid" early and that fans can expect to hear the new song this week.

With a brand new episode of "Love & Hip Hop New York" airing tonight on VH1, All eyes will be on Safaree, who may have just accidentally elevated himself by showing off his now-famous member. Nudity has helped the careers of many reality stars so it wouldn't be surprising if Safaree suddenly became a bit more popular. To see what he's up to, tune in to VH1 at 8/7 central.