After seeing her deal with some pretty intense Family Drama while waiting "Love & Hip Hop Miami," some may be wondering who is Jojo Zarur? The new "LHHMIA" beauty has been dealing with her parents' divorce and while that might seem pretty common, the way her parents are battling it out and dragging their kids into the mix definitely makes her situation different.

Jojo's family drama

Jojo Zarur's parents are getting a divorce and it's causing her a lot of stress. Her father, Jose Antonio Zarur, has money and lots of it. In order to get her fair share in the divorce, Jojo's mother is suing her father.

She's also dragging Jojo into the mix because she's subpoenaed Jojo to come testify against her dad.

On a recent episode of "Love & Hip Hop Miami," Jojo's dad got angry at the grand opening of Jojo's new boutique and ended up calling her mom a "motherf**ker." It looks like he's not to please with Jojo's brother either. Jose Zahur seems to think that the brother has sided with his mom. As for Jojo, she really just wants both parents to leave her out of it.

There have been a few questions lately about who is Jojo's dad and what does he do for a living. A few Twitter sleuths have been throwing around their theories on Mr. Zahur. Some thought he was a gangster or some sort of high ranking mafia member based on the way he carries himself.

It turns out that he's not. Instead, it has been learned that he works as an executive director for a large Mexican insurance company.

As for how much Jose Antonio Zahur is worth, he reportedly earns $10 million a year for his executive job and has a total net worth of $45 million. No wonder Jojo's mom wants to make sure she gets her fair share.

More about Jojo

When "Love & Hip Hop Miami" premiered, Jojo Zahur made a huge impression on viewers. She's been beefing with Veronica Vega recently. It all started when Jojo told Amara La Negra that Veronica was talking about her. It didn't take long for Veronica and Jojo to come face to face and it wasn't pretty.

Off-air, Jojo also seems to have her fair share of drama.

Now that she's become a familiar face because of reality TV, she says the groupies jumping into her DMs is getting out of hand. It's not just "Love & Hip Hop" fans either.

Jojo says that guys from other "LHH" cities are hitting her up and hitting on her too. Wouldn't it be fun to know exactly which ones? I've got a few guesses as to who it might be. We all know who the "Love & Hip Hop" creeps are and Jojo is a beautiful girl.

As for Jojo Zahur's relationship status, she is currently single. Jojo told Rolling Out that the reason she hasn't found someone to date is due to her high standards. However, she did tease that she'll be debuting a relationship in Season 3 of "Love & Hip Hop Miami" so we'll have to stick around and see who is good enough for Miami's newest babe.