It's fairly common to see toy manufacturers pick up on trends and make toys and games featuring whatever may be popular. From Disney-themed Monopoly games to a Clue game featuring "The Simpsons," we've seen what these companies are capable of. At this year's Toy Fair, the brand Cryptozoic announced their plans to release three games in homage to the "Rick and Morty" universe. So what can Fans expect out of these new games?

The featured titles

The first game announced was "Rick and Morty: The Ricks Must Be Crazy Multiverse Game." This game is designed for two to four players, featuring playable characters Rick, Morty, Zeep, and Kyle.

Power-making technology has been introduced to other worlds, and it's the players' directive to end up with the new technology before their opponents do. This is a classic "Rick and Morty" theme that should make players feel right at home.

"The Pickle Rick Game" is titled just as it sounds. In this game, you get to play as Pickle Rick as you attempt to escape a well-guarded arena. Although we only see Pickle Rick once, he was popular enough to get his own game. For fans who have seen the episode where Pickle Rick is introduced, we can expect that the game will be very similar to his journey through the sewers.

Last but not least is "Rick and Morty: The Rickshank Rickdemption Deck-Building Game." This title sounds like the outcome will be determined more by the players than by chance.

There are cards that allow players to vote to add in new rules and change the circumstances of the game. Although we can't be sure, it's possible that this game will have more to do with the Council of Ricks than the other two games that are being released.

When are we going to see these games hit the shelves?

"Rick and Morty" fans have been in limbo with their favorite show.

It was debated for a long time whether or not we would be seeing a fourth season at all, but luckily it looks like we'll be getting more of the Sanchez family in 2019. And the even better news is — we have these games to keep us busy while we wait!

Unfortunately, there is not a definitive release date for these games as of right now.

However, it sounds like we can expect to see them on the store shelves in time for next Christmas. Between these three Board Games and the "Rick and Morty" virtual reality game that's set to come out on the PlayStation 4, it looks like fans will have plenty to do while waiting for the newest season. Perhaps these new games will give us more insight on if it's as fun to be Pickle Rick as it looked.