Taylor Swift has a long list of ex-boyfriends and she doesn't care. She made that apparent on her latest album, Reputation. The superstar has been through her share of failed romances, but it seems like she's got it right this time around. Instead of dating another Hollywood A-lister, Taylor set her sights on an up and coming actor. She's been quietly dating British actor Joe Alwyn. The two are getting so serious that they're practically living together, according to a report from The Sun's Dan Wootton.

He was the same guy who broke the news about their private relationship.

Swift has been reportedly staying at Alwyn's apartment in Crouch End. She supposedly doesn't have a place of her own in London. And it doesn't look like she's buying one near her man anytime soon. In the past, it was rumored that Swift would purchase a home to be closer to her significant other. Alwyn lives with his parents and Swift doesn't seem to mind. She doesn't care that they're shacking up under his parents' roof.

How good is their relationship?

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn's relationship is so good that she's abandoned her squad to hang out with his friends. They spent most of their time at local haunts. Swift maintains a low-profile by wearing a wig everywhere she goes. It's the very reason why there are hardly any paparazzi photos of them together.

They're getting along so well that Alwyn's friends have joked that they're practically living together. The two were romantically linked in May 2016, but have already been dating a few months since then. Swift has referenced their relationship in several tracks on her "Reputation" album.

How they keep their relationship private

How does the most famous singer in the World keep her relationship hidden from the rest of the world? She does it with a lot of hard work and extra measures to protect their not-so high-profile relationship, according to inside sources who spoke to E! News. The two were last seen at Z100's iHeartRadio Jingle Ball concert back in December.

Before then, Swift and Alwyn walked hand-in-hand while going to a "Saturday Night Live" after-party.

Swift has been spending a lot more time in London than even her own fans know about. Swift's fans are known to track the superstar's every move. They try to follow the moves of her private jet and let the other fans know of her whereabouts. In order to keep the media and her fans off her back, Swift often flies via private aircraft and then is transported inside a blacked-out vehicle to north London, where she meets up with Alwyn.

It all sounds very hush-hush. Swift was very open about her previous relationships with Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston, both of which didn't work out too well. This seems to be her longest relationship yet. She's managed to keep it private up to this point. And it looks like Alwyn and Swift are in it for the long haul.