Mariah Brown, who is the daughter of Kody Brown, just recently revealed the identity of her girlfriend on "Sister Wives," and fans couldn’t be happier. This Brown daughter who came out as a lesbian in a January 2017 episode of “Sister Wives” just showed off her new girlfriend, Audrey Kriss, in the latest episode of “Sister Wives.” She may have only just introduced Audrey on “Sister Wives,” but the pair has been Facebook official since February 19th, 2017 -- which of course means that they have been together for over a year now. It is worth mentioning that being official on Facebook these days for millennials means that these two are very serious about their relationship.

What has Mariah and Audrey’s relationship been like?

As mentioned above, this Brown couple has been official on social media for just over a year now. It is worth mentioning that them solidifying their relationship on Facebook was just the beginning of their social media exchange. On February 18th, 2017, Mariah actually spoke online about how she was pretending to like art because Audrey’s an artist who is also a fellow Westminster College student as well.

Then, on March 8th, 2017, Mariah said online: “Shoutout to Audrey Kriss for literally changing my life [and] showing me that who I am is perfectly okay.” It is great that Mariah is happily living her life with her girlfriend Audrey after coming out only a year ago.

The Brown family was actually rather supportive when Mariah first came out. For instance, Kody said online: "I dream of a world where people are judged by the merits of their character, instead of sexual orientation and family structure.” The only one that was a bit taken aback by it was Mariah’s biological mother, Meri Brown, but she did come around in the end.

I have actually attached a very romantic Instagram picture of Mariah and Audrey together so you can see why all the fans are happy for Mariah.

What is everyone else in the Brown family doing now?

The Brown family have been very busy as of late as the new season of their TLC family reality television series "Sister Wives" just recently started airing.

This new season is full of drama as it deals with Meri and Kody’s marriage issues and it also sees the family march to legalize polygamous relationships in the state of Utah. Nonetheless, to keep up with everything the Brown family is doing, be sure to follow Blasting News on social media so you don’t miss out on anything.