The Runaways” comic series is finally getting a TV series next month. Hulu has just revealed a short new teaser showing off some of the iconic scenes from the comics. While they seem to be remaining true to the source material, it’s evident that the producers have changed several things in the live action adaptation. That said, should fans be worried about Karolina Dean’s new backstory?

Fame to religion

In the comics, Koralina Dean is the beautiful daughter of two movies stars, Frank and Leslie Dean. Despite her popularity, she is still insecure and doubtful about herself.

In the live action series, on the other hand, her parents are extremely religious and worship the cult of Gibborim, as per That said, one important factor in Karolina’s backstory is that she’s actually a lesbian who’s still struggling with her identity.

While her personal story was more about a story of self-discovery and liberation, adding religious parents could give her a typical “rebellious” backstory. That said, there are plenty of members in the LGBT community who struggle with the new Karolina backstory, but her story might just end up as another exhausted trope.

Toning down her character

In another changed scene, Karolina discovered her power in a party after taking off her Gibborim bracelet as an act of resistance.

She eventually passes out which prompts two guys to sexually assault her, but Chase steps in and drives them away. This scene greatly downplays how she originally discovers her powers.

In the comic, she visits her home and removes her bracelet. After learning about her alien heritage, she soon takes flight which represents her long-yearned freedom and self-expression.

“The Runaways” TV show not only removes this important aspect of her character but also focuses on Chase as the hero. Karolina feels extremely downplayed and is treated like an object instead of a person who had finally found her freedom.

While it’s completely normal to deviate from the source material, it’s evident that some things should remain the same.

That said, there is still plenty of room for Karolina to grow and achieve her potential in the show. She’s one of the founding members of “The Runaways,” so it’s only fitting that she gets her own time in the limelight. Moreover, she also acts the group’s mood setter with her uplifting personality, so we’ll see how the show manages to pull this off in the coming episodes.

“The Runaways” is slated to release this Nov. 21 on Hulu.