Melissa Claire Egan has portrayed Chelsea Lawson on "The Young and the Restless' for the past six years. Viewers have watched the character grow from a con artist and grifter to a loving mother and respectable business woman. For the past 16 months, there has been speculation that her deceased spouse Adam would turn up alive and that Christian would be revealed as his biological son. On Wednesday Egan confirmed via Twitter, that she has decided to leave Genoa City behind. This has led spoiler alerts to speculate that Justin Hartley might reprise his role long enough to whisk his wife and sons away into the night.

Chelsea is about to pull off her biggest con ever

Recently on "The Young and the Restless" Hilary tried to apologize to Ms. Lawson for exposing her connection to Jordan on her talk show. Chelsea responded by saying very cryptically that people don't change. In light of the Twitter announcement, it seems Nick's sweetie may have been referring to herself. Based on her recent actions it seems that Chelsea is about to pull off her biggest con ever.

On Wednesday's episode of "Y&R", Hilary complained that a dress she purchased from Chelsea's online company did not fit properly. She told Lauren and Phyllis that when she tried to return it at Fenmore's there was no record of the sales.

Ravi later revealed that someone set up a fake online version of her Chelsea 2.0 and was diverting sales and selling knock-offs of the name brand products. Ms. Lawson was later shown at Adam's Crypt hiding the bulk of the money Nick found in her apartment.

Chelsea's departure increases rumors of Adam's return

The departure of Melissa Claire Egan from her role on "The Young and the Restless" has only fueled the fire regarding rumors of an Adam Newman return.

"The Inquisitr" has taken spoiler alerts from "Soaps She Knows", "CBS Soaps In Depth," "Soap Central", and "Soap Opera News" and determined an interesting scenario that has Justin Hartley reprising his role. They point out that Michael Muhney would not be a consideration to return as Chelsea's husband because he was accused by Hunter King (Summer) of touching her inappropriately.

Hartley and Egan are very close and she was a bridesmaid at his wedding, He might come back to Genoa City long enough for Chelsea to run off with him and their children. This indicates that the truth of Christian's paternity may finally be addressed which would expose the fact that both Victor and Ms. Lawson have known all along. However this plays out, Nick will be heartbroken so stay tuned for more spoilers and updates.