Arie Luyendyk Jr. is a few days away from revealing his love-to-be. Just ahead of the hitch in "The Bachelor," he has revealed his top three favorite women. In the most recent episode of "The Bachelor," Arie was seen visiting homes of his final four lady loves. The main objective of this visit was to meet and greet their family members and make a decision about sending someone home after the Rose Ceremony. "The Bachelor" Season Finale is expected to take place in about three weeks. So who were these top lucky three?


Arie first stopped by in Los Angeles, which is Kendall’s hometown.

Initially, Kendall was televised as talking about how it is difficult for her to meet people who understand her. She took Arie on a creepy tour to the taxidermy storage room. In response, Arie was recorded as saying that taxidermy isn’t his thing. However, the handsome bachelor was still seen having fun with Kendall. In the second part, Kendall got more hands-on with Arie by taking him to mount taxidermied rats. This sequence ultimately ends up in both Arie and Kendall playing with stuffed rats at some point. Following this, the duo headed to Kendall’s parent’s house for dinner. It is here that viewers are informed of the fact that Kendall has a twin sister named Kylie. In the end, Arie asks Kendall’s father for his blessings in case he decides to propose to her.


Arie’s next stop was Minnesota, where Becca takes him on a date to an apple orchard. She opens up to Arie by narrating the time after her father passed away. It is revealed that Uncle Gary, who is a pastor, has stepped in her father’s shoes as her guidance. Arie was seen as getting along well with Becca K’s family as well.

The handsome bachelor even had a great heart-to-heart conversation with Uncle Gary about Becca’s father and his love for duck carving and hunting.


Arie’s last stop was Lauren’s hometown in Virginia Beach, VA. He is shown to be highly nervous to meet Lauren’s father, who is ex-military personnel. There is even a point wherein Arie leaves the table to wipe off the sweat beads on his forehead.

After he returns to the table, he is asked a series of questions by Lauren’s family. Arie and Lauren’s father strike a chord only when the former mentions the time he spends with troops in Iraq.

Meanwhile, "The Bachelor" 2018 season finale is surely going to be an absolute delight for the fans. Next week, fans will know the final two. There is a lot to come, stay tuned.