Something unusual happened on "Celebrity Big Brother" on Monday, February 12. It was eviction night and the unexpected happened. The reality show lived up to its mission of having surprises. Omarosa and Keshia Knight Pulliam were on the chopping block to be evicted. What happened next was not expected.

Keshia's emotional plea

Marissa won the Power of Veto, and she had the authority to pull Omarosa or Keshia off the block, but she chose not to use her power on either one of them. They both were left for the other houseguests to vote for one of them to be evicted.

Before the votes were cast, Keshia made an emotional plea for the houseguests to evict her because she wanted to go home to her one-year-old daughter because her milk was drying up, and she needed to feed her baby breast milk because she favors it over solid food.

The single mother literally begged to be sent home. When Omarosa spoke she urged the housemates to grant Keshia’s request. The houseguests had compassion on the mother who wanted to feed her baby, so they all voted to evict Keisha.

Because of Keshia's plea, the plan Marissa had in mind wasn't carried out. The alliance had planned to backdoor Shannon. As of now, the group has to go back to the drawing board and decide what to do next.

During her exit interview with Julie Chen, the newly evicted houseguest said she was thrilled to leave even though she was having a good experience in the house.

Other reality shows

Pulliam has been on three different reality shows and has been the first or second person to be eliminated in all of them. Her fans had been rooting for her.

However, this time she begged to leave for a very good reason instead of being evicted for some other reason. If she hadn't begged to leave, she might not have been evicted. Perhaps Omarosa would have been evicted instead.

In 2013, Keshia was a contestant on the ABC celebrity diving show "Splash." She was the very first one to be eliminated.

In 2015, she was a contestant on "The Celebrity Apprentice" and was the first one to be fired. She probably would have stayed longer on "Celebrity Big Brother," but because of her own request, she was the second contestant to be evicted. Maybe reality shows are just not for the 38-year-old actress since she doesn't last very long on any of them.

Were you surprised the way things happened during the last episode of "Celebrity Big Brother"? If Keshia had not begged the houseguests to evict her, do you think they would have voted for Omarosa instead?

There are a few more episodes before the show ends on Sunday, February 25. The next episode airs on Friday, February 16 on CBS.