Celebrity Big Brother will come to CBS this winter. At the end of the “Big Brother 19” episode on Thursday night (September 7), host julie chen announced that the next season of the hit reality competition show is going to come with a twist. This could certainly bring in a new wave of viewers and keep the excitement of the show going for the full year.

Julie Chen stated that the first ever season of “Celebrity Big Brother” will air in the winter months. She didn’t give a lot of details about how the show would work, but it is something that has been done in other countries before.

There also weren’t any clues about who would be in the “Celebrity Big Brother” cast, but there is a lot of time for rumors to get started.

How is the Big Brother 19 season progressing?

On the September 7 episode, two members of the “BB19” cast were sent to the jury. These particular “Big Brother 19” spoilers could be surprising to a lot of CBS viewers, but maybe not to the fans watching on the CBS live feeds. First, it was primary eviction target Jason Dent who was sent packing and then to wrap up the second double eviction of the summer 2017 season, Raven Walton was also sent to join the “BB19” jury. Jason may now be very upset with Alex Ow for throwing the HOH Competition.

The “Big Brother 19” season finale comes on September 20, meaning there are fewer than two weeks until this installment comes to an end.

That’s not a lot of time for the remaining five houseguests to work toward the $500,000 prize, but it definitely gives the “BB19” jury a lot of time to debate on who they feel should be named the “Big Brother 19” winner.

How will the first season of ‘CBB’ work for CBS?

It’s hard to imagine that many big stars are going to participate in “Celebrity Big Brother” during this winter but it could be celebrities on the same level as shows like “Dancing With the Stars” over on ABC.

It could include people who star or have starred in CBS programs and possibly athletes like baseball players who have their sports seasons during the warmer months.

One thing that viewers may not want to see from “CBB” cast members could be former houseguests. While it might be easy to state that a former “Big Brother” cast member is now a celebrity, it’s not what fans have wanted to see in the show.

It could also be interesting to see if people start posting to social media about who they want to see on the show. Fans may have to wait until “Big Brother 19” comes to a close before any specific details about “Celebrity Big Brother” finally get revealed by CBS.