After Super Bowl LII, This Is Us fans waited patiently for the reveal they've been waiting for throughout the entire series. We finally know what happened to Jack Pearson, but at what cost?

It's important to note this definitely won't be the last we see of Jack. There are so many beautiful elements, loose ends, and snapshots into his character's relationship with the Big Three and Rebecca, that we can expect to see actor Milo Ventimiglia as the series progresses.

True to form, the show tackled devastating, yet somehow uplifting, subject matter. We find out how Jack dies, and how his family grieves on the 20th anniversary of his death.

But there were some incredibly heartwarming moments that point toward healing for one of TV's favorite families that fans have to look forward to.

A comeback for Kate?

Kate's character has claimed several times throughout the series that she is responsible for Jack's death and blames herself for it. And her annual Super Bowl regimen is — well, it's honestly pathetic. But for the first time, she felt comfortable opening up to her fiance Toby during one of the heightened times of her grief. She tells him her dad would've loved him and that he saved her, literally. And if he can save her, maybe she can save herself, too.

Kevin makes amends

Kevin crosses the final name off his list: "Dad." This character has experienced extreme highs balanced with extreme lows, and they're so well encapsulated in his visit to Jack's "tree." After getting to know Kevin as an 8-year-old with middle-child syndrome, and again as an angst-ridden teen, we're finally seeing him actively look for the best in people.

The episode prior, he took time to point out what he admired in Randall, and again with Jack and Rebecca, pointing out her strength during the period following Jack's death. This moment was another step toward recovery, and one giant leap for mankind.

Future Tess Pearson

This scene speaks volumes and is a living, breathing, example of the impact parents have on their children.

Randall and Beth didn't quite know what was going on with Tess, and frankly, she was acting peculiar. She hopped in Kevin's car during a bender, for one. She had an attitude, and she kept unplugging the landline. But after a heart-to-heart with Randall, she tells him even though she unplugged the phones to avoid social workers, she wanted them to keep fostering.

Flash forward to future Tess, and she's a social worker. And that's called paying it forward.

Looming questions about the series involve how long they can keep it up, and whether the show will last past the third season. For now, we'll brace for whatever emotional ups and downs await.