Last week, NBC's hit show, "This Is Us," wrapped up its midseason finale, and emotions are high. And yes, that 2018 date is daunting, but it's a short four weeks before our favorite TV family returns. So, just in case you need a bit of a refresher to bring you up to speed, things have been tough for the Pearson Family.

Kate's heartbreak is our heartbreak

For starters, Kate takes a leap of faith and auditions for singing gigs.

She's rejected, which she thinks is because of her weight, but it's her lack of experience that loses her the opportunity. Cue Toby and Kevin competing to lift her spirits. We see a glimpse into the rocky relationship between her and Rebecca, but for the most part, still don't quite understand the tension into adulthood (Like, we get the rough teenage years, Kate, but why now? You're almost 40! ) Kate and Toby get pregnant but lose the baby, affirming Kate's worst nightmares. But Rebecca is there for her, as promised, to help her get through it. Maybe this is a new beginning to the mother/daughter relationship?

What's up with Kevin?

Kevin is spiraling downward. He may have received the messiest trait from Jack Pearson, suggesting he's never properly grieved over his father's loss.

More evidence of this pops up in season 2 with his inability to talk about his dad, and the flashback to Kate and Kevin in their early twenties. Also, there is that argument that kept popping up between Kevin and Jack while Jack was recovering from alcoholism. That could pop up again when the season resumes. Kevin's increased dependency on opioids and alcohol lead him down a rocky path, including him stealing a prescription pad from an old classmate and getting a DUI with his niece in the car.

Everybody loves Randall

Now let's talk about randall. Randall had a tough first season. After finally tracking down his biological father, William (the real MVP of the show), he quickly loses him, but not before leaving a lasting impression.

Randall seems to handle loss and grief far better than his other siblings, time will tell if that hunch is correct. He decides he wants to adopt a baby, but eventually he and Beth take the foster care route. They fell in love with her, but she went back to live with her mom. Now, we're ready for them to get attached to another one and bawl our eyes out when it's time for them to go.

We still have a lot of questions, though. First, and most obviously:

We want more answers about Jack!

Also, when are we going to see a mother/son moment between Rebecca and Kevin?

Kate and Randall seem to have gotten all the attention growing up.

And this is just personal preference, but can we expect another Dr. K cameo soon? This family could benefit from that man's wisdom, for real!

Until then, we'll see The Pearsons again in 2018!