Jenelle Evans filed Cease and Desist letters against her "Teen Mom 2" co-stars a few months ago. She wanted to prove a point that her co-stars were constantly talking about her and that she wanted them to stop. Evans has often referred to herself as a negative one on the show, and she often claims that the MTV producers are trying to portray her in a negative light. She has called her fellow co-stars "saints" as their storylines on the show appear to be near perfect.

But it sounds like the cease and desist letters didn't exactly help her as to of her co-stars recently discussed her on a podcast.

Jenelle lashed out at Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer this past weekend as she learned that Leah had gone on Kailyn's podcast. On Twitter, she explained that she was furious that her co-stars were talking about her and she revealed that her co-stars should not be talking about her or her husband, David Eason. According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she should be the one with the podcast talking about her fellow co-stars.

Legal threats didn't seem to matter

It sounds like Jenelle Evans' threat with the cease-and-desist letters didn't mean much to her co-stars. While some of her co-stars are no longer talking about her, such as Chelsea DeBoer, sounds like Kailyn and Leah have no issues talking about her despite having cease-and-desist letters with their names on them.

Jenelle revealed that the cease-and-desist letters were issued to her co-stars in hopes of getting them to stop gossiping about her life.

Both co-stars have said that they never talk negatively about Jenelle, but it sounds like they didn't say positive things on the podcast this weekend. Jenelle seems furious that her former friends are discussing her life, her marriage, and recent behavior.

It's possible that Jenelle could take legal actions as her former friends have now broken the cease-and-desist requests that she said sent out a couple of months ago.

Jenelle is branching out

For weeks, Jenelle wanted to start her own YouTube channel because she didn't feel that the MTV producers put her in a positive light on the show.

She claimed that MTV didn't show fans the truth about her life. She wanted to share how happy and positive everything was despite the constant fighting on the show. Some fans were thrilled about the idea, while others didn't really seem to like the idea.

Now that Evans is threatening to start her own podcast, it sounds like she could gain some attention as she seems ready to spill the beans about all of the drama that happens with her co-stars behind the scenes. It's possible that she will launch a podcast with the only goal of hurting her co-stars and getting back at everything they have said about her. It's uncertain what her MTV contract says about these kinds of things but she may feel that she has a case after Lowry's podcast this weekend.

How do you think Jenelle Evans is handling the situation? Are you surprised that Kailyn and Leah are ignoring the cease-and-desist letters?