Carly Waddell and Evan Bass Fell In Love on "Bachelor in Paradise" and the news is here that the couple just had their first child. They got together years ago and this is their first child together. Evan has three boys already. This is his first daughter and her name is Isabella Evelyn Bass. They had already shared with fans that would be the name. The couple is really excited about their baby.

Evan already shared that his sons really wanted a little girl and now they have the sister they have always wanted. They found out they were pregnant while in Mexico and couldn't be more excited about the news.

This couple actually fell in love there.

Details about their little girl

There is not very much information out yet about Evan and Carly's daughter, but Evan did give a statement to US Weekly about the little girl. He said, "Isabella Evelyn Bass was born at 1:58 6 lbs. and 8 ounces, 18 3/4 inch long! Everyone is healthy and happy -- super smooth pregnancy!" So far, these are the only details he has shared. Her due date was this week, so it sounds like the baby came just as planned. She will just be a bit younger than Jade Roper Tolbert's daughter and since Carly and Jade are such great friends hopefully their daughters will be too.

This happy couple

The fans are really hoping that Carly and Evan will share a lot on their social networks about their little girl.

They are pretty open now, so hopefully, they will be with showing her as well. They haven't shared any pictures yet on their social networks of their little girl. Everyone, including myself, will be stalking their social networks hoping that they post on Instagram soon. They were live tweeting "Bachelor Winter Games" on Tuesday night, but it doesn't look like they will be doing that tonight.

They met on "Bachelor in Paradise" and things have been great for them. They didn't have love at first sight, but it actually worked out for the best for them. They both already lived in Nashville and this made their relationship a bit easier. This couple was really excited when they found out that they were pregnant and you know are thrilled that their little girl has arrived safe and sound.

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