jax taylor and the cast of "Vanderpump Rules" was dealt with a scary moment during last week's episode of the show's sixth season. As viewers saw, the restaurant where the Bravo Tv series is filmed, SUR Restaurant, caught fire during production and was promptly evacuated.

While no one was hurt during the incident, the fire forced Lisa Vanderpump and her husband, Ken Todd, to close the venue temporarily. Then, as the episode played out, fans and followers of the show got to see the reaction of the show's cast, including Jax Taylor. However, although most of the cast was quite concerned about the restaurant, Taylor seemed completely unconcerned.

In fact, he said that he wouldn't actually care if SUR Restaurant burned to the ground.

Jax Taylor doesn't care about SUR Restaurant?

On February 12, as viewers watched the shocking comment take place, one particular Twitter user called out Taylor for his shocking statement about the restaurant he's worked in for the past several years. "I’m still wondering how [Lisa Vanderpump] feels about [Jax Taylor] not caring whether or not [SUR Restaurant] burns down," the person tweeted.

In response to the message, Taylor fired back at the woman, blaming his seemingly careless demeanor on the edits of the Bravo TV reality show. "It was a joke they cut out me saying kidding after," he alleged, adding that the woman should "calm down." "[The restaurant is] my job and my family," Taylor added.

Continuing, Taylor responded to a fan on Twitter who explained that Bravo TV simply doesn't have time to edit each and every moment experienced by the "Vanderpump Rules" cast. "This is very true, and I forget that all the time just frustrating knowing that so much stuff is cut out," he tweeted, "not anyone’s fault, show is 45 mins."

Jax Taylor isn't always a fan of the editing of 'Pump Rules'

For the past several weeks, Taylor has made a number of comments on Twitter regarding the editing of Bravo TV.

In fact, earlier this month, he slammed producers for making him wait outside of Lisa Vanderpump's Beverly Hills Lifestyle event so that he looked late. While his girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright claimed that he was still at their home when she arrived, he has since claimed on Twitter that they actually arrived at the event in the same car and were both equally late.

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