Jax Taylor recently took aim at Bravo Tv for creating a fake storyline on "Vanderpump Rules" at his expense. As he revealed earlier this week, he wasn't eating at his house as his girlfriend Brittany Cartwright claimed when she arrived at Lisa Vanderpump's Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine event. Instead, he said, he and Cartwright arrived at the party in the same car. So, the idea that he was any later than she had been was incorrect, despite what Cartwright and Bravo TV had suggested.

Taylor even went on to accuse producers of keeping him outside of the event for an extended period of time in order to make him look like he was much later than he actually was.

Due to his lateness, the SUR bartender found himself in hot water with his boss, Lisa Vanderpump. However, according to him, things weren't as they seemed.

'Vanderpump Rules' is not scripted?

Days later, after a fan took to Twitter and suggested that editors create storylines like MTV has done in the past, Taylor vehemently denied any such thing. "Editing creates story lines that may not have been there or [turned] it into something more than it should have [been]," the person wrote. Right away, Taylor made it clear that "Vanderpump Rules" was nothing like the Reality Shows aired on MTV. "Do not compare ['Vanderpump Rules'] to [MTV]," Jax Taylor tweeted. "We are not scripted." He even told the woman she didn't know what she was talking about.

"People thinking they know, you sound stupid," he further stated. However, just days prior, it was Taylor who proclaimed that Bravo TV had edited his storyline on Monday night's episode to be something it wasn't. Taylor also blasted "Vanderpump Rules" as "highly edited" in December of last year.

Brittany Cartwright claimed Jax was late to Lisa's event

Prior to Jax Taylor's tweets earlier this week, Brittany Cartwright was seen taking aim at Taylor for his lateness, telling cameras that his inability to get to work on time was making her look bad. She also had a private conversation with Lisa Vanderpump in which she said that Taylor should be more respectful of her since she's done so much for him over the years.

"They wouldn’t let me walk in because they wanted me to look later than I was,” Jax Taylor told his online audience of Monday's show. “[Brittany Cartwright] and I actually showed up at the same time. We took the same car so how could she be on time and I was late?"

"Vanderpump Rules" Season 6 airs Mondays at 9 PM on Bravo TV.