The fans of "Counting On" are always talking about the fact that Jana Duggar is still living at home and isn't married. The thing is nobody seems to have a problem with the fact that John David Duggar still lives at home and hasn't found a girlfriend yet either. In Touch Weekly shared that a Fan now has a crazy theory about why think that Jana still lives at home. Fans are always giving out ideas about they think Jana hasn't found a man yet.

Reddit user shares their theory

A Reddit user has a theory about why Jana Duggar still lives at home and personally, I think it is crazy.

One thing to remember is none of the Duggar children have moved out before they got married, so it isn't surprising that since Jana hasn't found love she is still at home. You can easily assume that as soon as she finds someone, she will get engaged and move out just like everyone else did.

Jana Duggar is 28-years-old now. This new theory is that they have her at home because if she left then there would not be a chaperone at all. This fan feels like she is there so she can watch all of the little girls in their room. All of the other older girls are already gone. The source says that having all of these younger girls in one room could leave them to "bad behavior." The source mentioned things like using the Internet without permission and conversations that aren't appropriate.

This follower thinks that since Jana is there they would never do that at all.

Is there any truth behind this?

It does make sense that Jim Bob Duggar would want someone watching the girls, but that isn't reason enough to have Jana Duggar end up staying at home with them. It seems like Jana just hasn't found love yet. She has been very honest about the fact that she is really picky and wants to find the right man.

Jana isn't going to just settle for any guy that comes along and that is a great thing about her.

For now, the fans are going to have to wait and see if Jana Duggar finds love. Hopefully, she will be speaking out on the show soon and sharing that she has found the man of her dreams. If that happens, there would be no reason for everyone to think that Jim Bob is keeping her at home for some crazy reason.

What do you think about this crazy theory about why Jana Duggar still lives at home? Do you feel like she will find love soon? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Counting On" Monday nights on TLC. If Jana finds love, it will all play out on this show.