It seems the "Pretty Little Liars" star has a new love interest in her life — and it's Riley Smith from The CW's upcoming series "Life Sentence."

The two were photographed sharing a kiss on Valentine's Day after going out for dinner at Pace restaurant in Los Angeles. The picture shows Hale carrying a white rose, which seems to be a gift from Smith. This comes after the two have finished up their respective filming in their upcoming television show together, which is set to air later this year.

'Life Sentence'

The duo is starring together in the upcoming comedy-drama series "Life Sentence", which will air in March 2018 on The CW.

The series was created by Erin Cardillo and Richard Keith and is about a girl who finds out her supposedly terminal cancer has been cured, and then must figure out a way to live with the changes she made to her life when she believed she was dying.

Hale plays the main character, Stella Abbott while Smith plays Dr. Will Grant, her oncologist who, according to Deadline, she undeniable chemistry with- despite having spontaneously married another man while she believed she was dying.

This will be Hale's first major role since she starred in "Pretty Little Liars" for eight seasons as Aria Montgomery and the show seems destined to be a hit. The CW ordered it straight to series and it has even been compared to the NBC's series "This Is Us." However, Hale has also gained roles in the films "Truth or Dare" and "Dude," both of which are also set for 2018 releases.

Blossoming Love

Hale had a tumultuous 2017 when it came to her love life. The star saw the end of an almost two-year relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Anthony Kalabretta, in May of last year. The split saw the two unfollowing each other on social media and going as far as to delete all the photos they had shared of them together.

The two broke up shortly before the season finale of "Pretty Little Liars" aired.

Later, in September, Hale reluctantly admitted on "The Ellen Show" to having had a crush on her "Pretty Little Liars" co-star Ian Harding. The two played love interests in the show, which made the reveal surprising to many fans. She brushed the admission off, telling Ellen that she was only 25 at the time, and insisted that nothing happened between the two of them.

This recent reveal that she may be dating Riley Smith is definitely implies there will be an improvement to Hale's love life in 2018. The duo have been filming the first season of "Life Sentence" for the past six months together and clearly, love has blossomed between them in the process.

She recently posted a group photo of the cast on Instagram, saying that she's excited to share the world they've created together with us all. Hopefully, this budding romance will become a story worth sharing too.