Maci Bookout is currently working on her business, Things That Matter while being on hiatus from "Teen Mom OG." The production is currently on break as the latest season wraps up on MTV. The production team is currently filming "Teen Mom 2" with about six weeks left of production. As it turns out, Bookout and her husband may be busy with their family life. On the previous season of "Teen Mom OG," Maci revealed that she and Taylor had lost a baby girl. She was over four months along when she miscarried, as they knew the sex of the baby.

According to a new Instagram post, Maci Bookout is currently busy promoting their business products but it sounds like people are curious about their plans to expand their family.

In the photo Maci posted, one person questioned whether she was pregnant. It sounds like some people may be sporting a baby bump. Bookout and her husband have previously revealed that they don't necessarily want to try for a fourth baby the natural way. One can imagine it is hard for them to go through the possibility of miscarrying a child again.

Fans see baby bump

It's interesting that fans are seeing a baby bump considering Maci and Taylor have talked about adoption. But maybe fans are skeptical of their plans, as they didn't talk about their plans to become pregnant or their miscarriage before it had already happened. In addition, they kept silent about Maci's pregnancy when she later had Maverick.

If Bookout is indeed with a child, one can imagine she won't talk it on social media. Maci has rarely discussed "Teen Mom OG" on social media. It sounds like they could very well be pregnant but be very secretive about their journey to parenthood once again.

Talk about adoption

When Maci Bookout brought up the miscarriage on "Teen Mom OG," Taylor asked that they didn't discuss the issue on the show.

It's clear that he doesn't feel comfortable discussing their private matters on the show. However, they did open up about their plans to possibly adopt another baby. Adoption can be a lengthy and complicated process, so it's possible that they won't share it all on the show.

Maci Bookout and her husband are currently focusing on their three children, their growing t-shirt business, and possible future business opportunities.

Maci may be pleased that Farrah Abraham has been fired from the show, as she has been a big critic of Farrah's decision to work in the adult entertainment industry.

What do you think about Maci Bookout possibly being pregnant again?