After confirming their love in public, the world needed a little more confirmation that Prince Harry and the American actress Meghan Markle were a real thing. According to The Telegraph, Prince Harry left his official seat and went to join his girlfriend during the Sidney Invictus Game on Saturday night, where he was spotted sneaking a kiss on her cheek. Meghan showed a lot of support to her boyfriend during the event which she had attended with her mother Doria Radlan and their two friends Jessica Mulroney and Markus Anderson who is thought to have been the first to introduce Meghan to the prince.

The couple arrived separately at the event, the actress and her mother sat in a box at the Air Canada on the opposite side of the stadium away from the public eyes. Prince blended with the guest who had arrived, one of them being the Canada first lady Sophie Gregoire Trudeau and other competitors on the stage.

Prince leaves his official seat

Meghan was seen cheering and having fun with her mother and her two friends, later on, the Prince excused himself from his seat and joined his girlfriend, where he was spotted kissing her on the chick. At the end of the game, Prince went back to the stage to address the players. He told them that they had done it together, but he also challenged them to set new goals to help those around them who were suffering from mental and physical illness.He hoped those who needed the help and had watched the event from home would begin their recovery journey with the aim of taking part in the Sidney Invictus Game come next year.

After he had finished addressing the crowd, his girlfriend was seen leaving the box quietly to avoid attracting unwanted attention from the media. Meghan’s mother is a yoga instructor and a social worker in Los Angeles. Doria Radlan traveled from her home in Los Angeles to London with her daughter early this year to see the sights from Prince hometown.

Her public appearance during the event confirmed the serious nature of the couple’s relationship.

Showing the world their love

On Monday, Meghan Markel and Prince Harry finally decided to show the world that they were indeed in a serious relationship.The couple came from the wheelchair game hand-in-hand, in front of the media and the crowd.

In an excellent interview with Vanity Fair, the renowned American actress confirmed that they are indeed in a serious relationship and are truly in love. A lot of people expect the two lovebirds to announce their engagement very soon.