Disney, the creators of many classic childhood films such as 'Cinderella,' 'Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs,' and 'Mulan,' have just confirmed a live-action production - and 90's babies are already losing their minds... its "Kim Possible."

What is happening?

The much beloved and highly regarded 'Kim Possible' series is finally going to be getting the Live Action treatment, as confirmed by Disney on February 7th. Fans of the show have already begun flooding their social media with appreciation and excitement, but you may be wondering why? Well, let me give you a little bit of info about the amazing Kim Possible.

Who is Kim Possible?

Kim Possible, your basic average girl, who's out to save the world. At least that is what the opening of her animated series tells us. You can check it out here!

If that opening doesn't do a good job of telling you exactly what she can do, then I have a slightly more in-depth coverage for you. Kim, a young girl who lives her life as a spy under the guise of a generic school girl. She befriends the lovable Ron Stoppable and his cute pet Rufus, the mole-rat. The three of them take on the diabolical 'Dr. Drakken', a blue-skinned evil genius who is hellbent on taking over the world; as well as a worryingly large cast of other villainous characters.

Live action

It has been a common trend in the past couple of years for large production companies (namely Disney) to begin to translate their classic animation adaptions into live action re-makes.

However, Disney's history with live action remakes centered more around their films, not their cartoon series. This was mainly due to the easy ability to convert film narrative into film narrative again, without having to think too much about fitting in all of the information. But not we are seeing Disney begin to look at their extensive catalog of animated shows and giving them life on the big screen in the form of live action films.

However, many fans have also expressed their concerns about this new development.


As with most new creations, many concerns arise with the fear of something terrible being made. Especially when the new creation is something already cherished and well established in the minds of fans. A look at the response to the newest Star Wars films is a great testimony to how people cherish their nostalgia like a newborn baby, afraid to give it to someone else.

Some of the concerns expressed are:

  • Coverage: Will the film cover the diverse and detailed backstory of the characters as the show did, or will it assume the audience are already fans
  • Castings: Will the casting represent the characters well, or will the choices be made poorly in an attempt for some star promotions and publicity (however, it looks like Disney take great care with their castings)
  • Cannon: Will the film be canon to the animated series, or will the producers and writer put their own spin on the premise
  • Duration: Fears surrounding the length of the film being too short to showcase the film fully

Many of these worries are spawned from fear and uncertainty, mainly due to the lack of solid information we have.

All that we know is that Disney has begun casting for the role of Kim Possible It is also known that the animated series creators are the minds behind the live action film. So fans should feel a slight sense of security as the film is in the hands of the people who first conceptualized it.

Should you be excited?

You should definitely be feeling excited at the prospect of a live-action Kim Possible. I am itching to see the teenage spy immortalized on the big screen in a live action format. Disney has already proven themselves to be efficient with live action after their successful reimagining of 'Beauty and The Beast,' and 'The Jungle Book.' Let's hope Disney has a solid premise for a theatrical release of Kim Possible, because if this proves to be another successful endeavor for them, then we may see more animated series be given this live-action revitalization.