When Disney purchased the "Star Wars" franchise from George Lucas, fans were giddy with anticipation for a new trilogy of movies. Not only that, but Disney was committed to producing multiple spin-offs and origin movies to build the universe further. It was to be their own universe that would rival Marvel and DC Comics.

Then the first movie was released, "Episode 7: The Force Awakens." It was regarded as a well-made movie, as it introduced a litany of new characters that for the most part were all well received by fans. The movie also provided a launching off point for a new epic, moving past the original trilogy.

A new evil was in power, and the rebellion was needed more than ever.

The only complaints about the movie were the opinion that some had regarding the story arc. To many, it felt like a soft reboot of the original trilogy, just with fresh characters. It wasn't enough to derail the film, and ultimately it left fans dying of anticipation for the next chapter.

Diehard fans revolt

Now that "Episode 8: The Last Jedi" has been released, the general public has had time to react to the next entry into the vast "Star Wars" canon. Unfortunately, a small but growing contingency is not thrilled with what they have seen. They are so upset that they are asking Disney to remove the movie from the canon completely.

Basically, these people would prefer that Disney start over and re-release Episode 8 again.

A change.org petition was launched and as of this writing has just over 10,000 signatures. Among the chief complaints is how this movie has ruined the childhoods of those who loved the original trilogies.

By dismissing or abruptly wrapping up certain storylines from the older movies, these fans feel robbed of the "Star Wars" that they grew up with.

This is a new "Star Wars," for a new generation, and that is upsetting a lot of people. If the petition somehow succeeded in having Episode 8 redone, these people would like it to be another Luke Skywalker adventure.

Will Disney actually scrap Episode 8?

Of course not. The majority of reviews for the movie have been overwhelmingly positive, and it is only a matter of time before it breaks the billion-dollar mark worldwide.

Convincing any corporation to forgo that kind of success for such a trivial reason is laughable.

However, if the petition does continue to rise and gain legitimate traction, it could affect decision making going forward for Disney's newest favorite franchise.