With a huge selection of superhero films being produced in Hollywood at the moment, we are seeing many of our favorite stars take on the roles of amazing comic book characters; bringing them to live in new and exciting ways. Which is why it is always a huge talking point when casting details emerge; and it seems we now be getting an insight into who'll take the reigns as DC's 'The Joker'.

The rumors

It was reported on February eighth by Variety that Joaquin Phoenix would be taking up the role in a brand new stand alone film. The rumours have people raving about the news after a rather disappointing 'Suicide Squad' film left a bitter taste in the mouth of fans with regards to The Joker's portrayal.

Many people wanted Jarred Leto to stand down from the role, which he did respond to.

The news comes from American film director Todd Phillips, who was responsible for 'The Hangover' trilogy, as well as the well received 'War Dogs' - starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum.

Legitimate or speculative?

While it is not legitimate yet as to whether Joaquin Phoenix is confirmed to star in the role for sure, director Todd Phillips has stated that he is the top billing for the role which would suggest that the role will be presented to Joaquin, however whether he chooses to take the role on is still left unknown. We can speculate that Joaquin Phoenix will debate with himself about the role, due to the pressures that he will face from fans.

But we need to look closer at what this film entails.

The new stand alone film

'The Joker' is set to be the lead character in a new Warner Brother's production which will focus on his origin story and how he came to be the iconic villain we all know and love. The film will be produced by the legendary Martin Scorsese and will have an 80's-style to it.

This sounds like it is suited to both the character of The Joker, as well as Martin Scorsese's film style. Scorsese was the directorial mind behind film classics such as 'Taxi Driver' and 'Goodfellas' which has resulted in a collective sigh of relief due to the highly acclaimed name attached to this new stand alone film.

As films that provide much needed back story, origins, and history - the stand alone film is the perfect format to display the information.

A stand alone film allows the director and writers to channel all of their efforts into ensuring that a single character takes the center stage, which was what a lot of fans weren't pleased about after watching 'Suicide Squad.'

The response

The response has been received well by audiences, as Joaquin Phoenix's extensive filmography boasts some impressive roles. He was the star of the interesting romance film 'Her' - also starring Scarlett Johansson; as well as playing the villainous Commodus in the highly acclaimed 'Gladiator.'

A lot of people turned sour once 'Suicide Squad' chose to take the beloved character in a new direction, it may be the refreshing face we need in order to see a representation that appeases fans and audiences alike. However, there is also a lot of other actors who are seen as perfect fit for the role, which would mean competition is fierce.