It is safe to say that the Duggar family have a lot to look forward to this year as there are already three Duggar babies due this year. For instance, Jinger, Joy-Anna and Kendra Duggar are all currently expecting a child this year with their husbands. A lot of fans online are actually excited the most about Kendra’s pregnancy as she and her husband Joseph announced that they were expecting back in December. The pair then teased that the fans of "Counting On" could tune in to follow their pregnancy journey.

However, the question that many people are asking themselves is that if Kendra will actually give birth on the family’s television series “Counting On.”

What does the future of 'Counting On' look like for Kendra?

As mentioned above Kendra Duggar announced her pregnancy with her husband Joseph Duggar back in December but to make fans even more excited, the pair said recently that they were expecting a baby boy. To make matters even more interesting for fans it was also just announced that “Counting On” would debut its much-anticipated brand new season on February 26th. Now back to Kendra, even though Kendra’s pregnancy has just recently been announced many fans are excited to see if Kendra will give birth to her baby on “Counting On.” Well, if you look at her in-laws Jessa included both Henry’s and Spurgeon’s births on the television series.

Jill also did the same with her son Israel and the show was able to document Jill’s over 70 hours of labor. None the less, Kendra has plenty of time to decide if she wants the birth to be featured in the series as the baby isn’t due until the end of the spring. Although, fans will most likely see all the moments leading up to their decision when the series returns later in the month.

What is everyone else in the Duggar family doing?

With the new season of “Counting On” starting later in the month the Duggar family have been very busy as of recently. For example, Joy-Anna who is pregnant is ready to have her baby at any minute with her husband Austin Forsyth which will again be most likely filmed for the series.

It is worth mentioning that Joy-Anna and her husband have been in the news a lot as of recently as many people think that they took part in a shotgun wedding. In case you aren’t familiar with a shotgun wedding, this is the term used when couples tie the knot for the sole reason that they got pregnant before marriage. This is very common in the ultra-religious community which is what the Duggar family are.