It was just recently that Jinger Duggar announced that she and her husband Jeremy Vuolo were expecting their first child together. This was music to a lot of people’s ears as this couple didn’t get pregnant straight after marriage like some of the other Duggar couples. For example, if you do the calculations, Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth basically got pregnant as soon as they tied the knot. Well, now Jinger is entering her second trimester, and her baby bump is getting bigger. It is worth mentioning that fans are loving this baby bump and apparently so is Jinger, as now it looks like she is already getting gifts for her pregnancy.

What was this gift that Jinger Duggar received for her pregnancy?

The gift in question that Jinger Duggar received for her pregnancy was a seatbelt extender for her seat. She revealed this present on her Instagram stories with a snippet of her caption to the picture being a quick jab at herself: “Seatbelt extension for the pregnant lady!” It is unknown where Jinger was heading off to, but she and Vuolo have been traveling all over the country, so they are able to visit their relatives and also for Vuolo’s work as a pastor. This Duggar couple has recently been spotted watching various pastors speak while also attending many Christian conferences to help with their spiritual growth. I'm not quite sure where these two are heading next, but you can be sure if you are following their social media accounts that they will keep you posted.

What is everyone else in the Duggar family up to?

Jinger Duggar isn’t the only Duggar woman that is expecting, as both Joy-Anna, and Kendra are expecting a baby this year as well with their husbands. Kendra and her husband, Joseph Duggar, were actually in a bit of controversy as of recently because some fans thought that Joseph never lets Kendra speaks as he always talks over her.

What happened here was that Kendra and Joseph filmed a video for TLC in which they talked about their favorite things to do at Christmas and every time Kendra went to speak, Joseph would cut her off, and fans were not happy with this at all. I have actually attached the video below of Joseph talking over Kendra so you can see with your own eyes what all of the fuss is about.

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