On Friday, Donald Trump agreed to declassify the controversial Nunes memo that accused the FBI of bias against the president. After the memo was made public, the consensus was that no credible information had been revealed, though Fox News had a different take on the information presented.

MSNBC vs Fox News

It's no secret that media outlets report on Donald Trump in different ways. Some are more favorable, and others appear to have an ax to grind. When it comes to mainstream cable news channels, those who are critical of the president and the administration tend to stick with CNN and MSNBC, while supporters become glued onto Fox News.

In regards to the four page memo put together by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, no hard hitting evidence was revealed, though those on Fox News painted the release as a major bombshell, with Sean Hannity calling it one of biggest scandals since Watergate. Fox and the memo in question were on display during the February 2 edition of "Deadline: White House" on MSNBC.

Joining host Nicolle Wallace was former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt as the two ripped into Fox News for their role in constantly supporting Donald Trump.

"We remember the big nothing-burger of Geraldo and Al Capone’s safe," Schmidt said in reference to Geraldo Rivera's attempt to uncover a big mystery in gangster Al Capone's vault that turned out to be empty. "This memo is like Al Capone’s safe and Geraldo, it’s a big nothing," he added.

Steve Schmidt went on to point out the irony that Geraldo was a guest on Sean Hannity's show the previous night speaking about the Nunes memo, before Nicolle Wallace chimed in and declared the conservative network "state-run media essentially functioning to sort of obscure and cover up and distort the reality." Wallace doubled down and added that Fox News were the first to see the memo, saying, "there wasn’t even a pretense of releasing the memo for the public good or for all citizens, simply to the viewers of Fox News."

Next up

While Fox News continues to be a political safe space for the Donald Trump administration, the majority of the other major news outlets in the country have been holding the president's feet to the fire over a wide-range of issues.

After just over a year in office, Trump's war of words with the media has expanded to an attack on the FBI and Department of Justice, as well as anyone or any organization that isn't loyal to his agenda 100 percent of the time.