After much debate, Donald Trump decided to declassify the infamous Nunes memo alleging bias at the FBI. In response, staunch Trump supporter Sean Hannity was quick to offer his take.

Hannity on Nunes memo

Over the last year, the hottest story in American politics has revealed around the issue of Russian election hacking and to what degree Donald Trump and his associates worked with the Kremlin.

Since the start of the investigation, which is now led by former FBI director Robert Mueller, Trump and his team have denied any wrongdoing. While most of the mainstream media have followed through using documents and reports from well-respected news outlets and government agencies, conservative media have taken a different approach.

On Fox News, nearly all the hosts and panel guest have come out in strong support of the president, with long-time host Sean Hannity being Trump's biggest cheerleader.

Reports even broke earlier in the week claimed that Hannity was advising the former host of "The Apprentice" on the release of the memo. Hannity danced around the question, saying Trump was "his own man" and couldn't be advised. Once the memo was released, Hannity took to Twitter on February 2 to give his thoughts.

"An unprecedented Government abuse of power and corruption case," Sean Hannity tweeted out.

"Those involved used HRC bought and paid for Russian lies as the basis to obtain a FISA warrant vs an opposition party candidate and Potus elect," the conservative host added, while concluding, "And worse, they knew it was full of lies, and not verified." In response to James Comey's reaction to the memo, Hannity replied in a follow-up tweet, "Jim, You have the right to remain silent.

I suggest you exercise that right."

Quick shot

In response to Hannity's tweet, critics wasted no time giving their thoughts. "LOL you cannot even lie straight. The memo even admits the dossier wasn't the source of the FISA warrant," one tweet read.

"You could literally tweet that the memo said Santa Clause is real, and reindeers fly, and your followers would believe it.

It's sad and impressive all at the same time," a Twitter user wrote. "Did we read the same memo. Oh that's right you're a talk show host," yet another tweet added.

"It's WAY more complicated and pernicious than the cherry-picked outrage that you've chomped on.

If only your base could comprehend and debate more than one point at a time, alas!" an additional tweet stated. "You say the dossier was full of lies, which is not true. There was unverified information, much of which has been verified since," yet another social media user posted.