If you have been following the brown family for quite a while now, then you would know that they aren’t the traditional American family. For example, Kody Brown doesn’t just have one wife, he has a total of four different wives. Now, with a man being married that many times, the thought of marriage may not be as important to you after your fourth as was your first. Well, it looks like Kody may have had those exact thoughts as he recently just revealed that he didn’t feel connected to his wife Christine when they got married since he was too busy trying to manage two other marriages.

Kody Brown on his wedding to Christine

As mentioned above, Kody Brown was not very excited to get married to his third wife, Christine, as he was busy trying to maintain the integrity of two other marriages. Kody revealed this to the TLC cameras for his family reality television series “Sister Wives.” He talked about being a polyamorous man, getting married, saying he feels “kind of sad for a polygamous man on his Wedding Day because he really has such a challenging balancing act.” He then continued with “it’s almost impossible to feel an intimate relationship with your new bride while being observed by all your other wives.” It is worth mentioning that Christine Brown noticed that he was feeling this way on their wedding day as Kody was giving her a thousand yard stare and she knew that Kody thought it would be hard to balance her and his other wives feelings.

Christine also revealed that she hated her wedding dress, so it looks like none of them were truly happy on their wedding day. I have actually attached a video below of the couple speaking negatively about their wedding day so you can see what all of the fuss is about.

What is the Brown family up to at the moment?

In case you didn’t know the Brown family’s television series “Sister Wives” just started to air its brand new season and it is full of hard-hitting drama.

For example, this new installment of the series follows one of Kody’s daughters Mykelti Brown getting married to the very controversial Tony Padron. Padron is a very controversial cast member in the series as many fans see him as being too controlling of Mykelti. An example would be when he invited himself to Mykelti’s wedding dress fitting that only the Brown mothers were invited to. To make matters even worse, when he was there, all he did was make rude remarks about bras which made the majority of viewers cringe.