Spoiler alerts from Soaps She Knows promise this will be a week of decision for both Sharon and Abby. Each woman will deal with the aftermath of Scott and emerge differently. Several genoa city residents have voiced that they expect Nick's ex-wife to have a breakdown after finding out how she had been deceived. She fooled the doubters by kicking her lover out and stomping on the engagement ring he gave her. Spoilers, now assure fans that Sharon will continue to exude strength and take charge of her life. Abby, on the other hand, will deal with guilt and seek forgiveness.

There is also the unresolved issue of where "Scabby" will go from here.

Scott has caused pain for Sharon and Abby

Lauren's son has been a womanizer ever since he returned to Genoa City beginning with almost going to bed with Phyllis who is closer to his mother's age. He began dating Nick's former spouse and even moved in with her knowing he had already cheated with Abby Newman. When Sharon found out that Faith, as well as Nick, saw "Scabby" in separate lip locks, she was outraged. After Scott admitted sleeping with her former Sister In Law, it was the beginning of the end.

Spoilers say this week both Abby and Scott will talk to their mother's about their situation. Victoria keeps putting them together at Newman even though she knows their troubled history.

Everyone is focusing on the pain that Sharon's dealing with, but Abby is also dealing with being hurt by her decisions. Soaps She Knows indicates that Sharon is going to take charge of her future, so she is probably done with Mr. Granger. Ms. Newman, however, must continue to work with and interact with him every day.

The future for Scott, Sharon, and Abby

If Abby does seek forgiveness, it's not certain she will receive it. Now that Sharon is a college graduate, running a business, and asserting her identity she will no doubt feel empowered and part of her taking charge may be in forgiving her former sister in law or allowing her to squirm a bit before putting it all in the past.

Sharon may be ready to move forward into the future without a man at her side, but her rival must deal with Scott daily and no doubt the sparks between them will continue to fly.

Spoilers don't say what the future holds for these three Genoa City residents, but more than likely "Scabby" will end up in bed together again, even if they do not begin a meaningful relationship. Sharon and Nick have really grown close as friends so when the truth is revealed that Chelsea lied about Christain's paternity it could bring the former spouses back together again. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM on CBS.