"The Magicians" has delivered two magical and absurd seasons on Syfy and is set for an even crazier Season 3 premiering on January 10. The series is based on the book by Lev Grossman.

Season 2 went out with a drama-filled finale that found the troublesome god of the magical land, Fillory, deciding that he has grown bored of the world and will destroy it. In an attempt to save them all, Quentin kills the god, but his decision has grave consequences for them all. The parents of the god took out their anger on the lands by taking away all of magic.

Meanwhile, Penny makes a deal to get his powers back in exchange for a lifetime of servitude to the Order. Margo and Eliot face the consequences of Margo's deal with the fairies as they face a strain on their friendship and a crumbling kingdom. The final moments found Julia discovering that she still has a spark of magic that may be the key to getting back all of the magic, while Margo and Eliot find their kingdom invaded by fairies.

The series stars Jason Ralph, Stella Maeve, Olivia Taylor Dudley, Hale Appleman, Arjun Gupta, Summer Bishil, Rick Worthy, and Jade Tailor.

A bear from the books to appear

EP and showrunner Sera Gamble teases that the fan-favorite magicians are set to embark on another crazy adventure for the good of magic.

This time they're going by boat. Gamble hints that fans of the books can expect to see a certain bear make an appearance, teasing that this is something people have been waiting for. When the Syfy drama returns, don't expect it to be smooth sailing. Margo (Summer Bishil) and Eliot (Hale Appleman) are the only ones that can see the fairies so this may make them seem crazy to the people of Fillory.

Gamble hints that they're essentially "puppet rulers."

In an attempt to get back magic, Quentin and his friends set out on a boat called the Muntjac. Quentin (Jason Ralph) plans to discover another god to fix the magic with the hopes that they'll be able to convince the other gods to restore magic. However, don't expect Julia (Stella Maeve) to be quite on board with this idea.

Gamble adds that in addition to the main group, Benedict the Fillorian map maker will be joining them.

The premiere episode "The Tales of Seven Kings" will find Quentin on a search to find someone that will be able to fix magic while Julia explores her spark of magic and Kady struggles to find a way to heal Penny. In Episode 2, called "Heroes and Morons," Eliot embarks on his own quest to find a magical object, while Alice comes up against a monster and Penny continues to worsen. Quentin joins Alice to visit her parents while Kady teams up with Julia to save Penny in Episode 3, called "The Losses of Magic."

New faces to arrive in Season 3

"The Magicians" will continue to have bizarre characters when Season 3 arrives.

The Faerie Queen arrives, played by Candis Cayne, and will be a major antagonist for the characters. Marlee Martin returns as Harriet while Maegina Tovah will be back as the head librarian. Expect them to play an important role as The Library is expected to have a lot to do with this season. It'll also be discovered why Harriet hates The Library so much. It can be assumed that Eliot's Fillory wife Fen, played by Brittany Curran, will also be back for several episodes. Fan-favorite actress Felicia Day joins the cast in the role of Poppy, who in the books is a dragon expert that ends up helping the group.