Spoiler alerts from Soaps She Knows indicate a troubling week on "The Young and the Restless" for the Abbott family. Graham's medical Power Of Attorney will be upheld, much to the disappointment of Jack, Ashley, and Traci. They want Michael to fight on their behalf, but for now, Mr. Bloodworth has absolute control over their mother. He takes Ms. Mergeron away from her family with sinister plans in store. She thinks he is her friend and going to take good care of her, but Graham is only going to bide his time waiting to collect his inheritance. Meanwhile, he has no intention of dealing with an Alzheimer's patient and desires to put his former companion in a nursing home type facility.

Graham tries to enforce his sinister plan

Mr. Bloodworth showed up in Genoa City on Friday announcing that he still has medical power of attorney over the Abbott's mother.His presence caused Ms. Mergeron's personality to shift, and she told home she was glad he was talking her away from "these horrid people" and "This dreadful place." He berated her children for all the things Ms. Mergeron got into on their watch, such as starting the fire at The Underground, stabbing Nikki and kidnapping Christian. It is clear now that Graham knew all along that Dina was dealing with Alzheimer's disease.

Now that her condition is escalating he figures her end is near and wants to collect his inheritance. Jack returned home and punched Graham and put him out of the house.Spoilers indicate he will return with an officer of the court and holding the winning hand.

He takes Dina away from her children and then decides to enforce his sinister plan and lock her away until he can collect his inheritance. The Abbotts will work hard to try to stop Mr. Bloodworth, but meanwhile, according to Soaps She Knows, he is going to get physical with the woman he once cared for.

Vicky and J.T. intervene as Graham manhandles Dina

As her children are conferring with Michael regarding their options, Graham and Dina arrive back at the club. She is surprised to find out he is not taking her on a cruise and when she tries to walk away, he roughly grabs her arm. His frustration is seen by but J.T. and Victoria who decide to intervene.

Vicky calls the Abbotts and Michael gets a quick hearing. Traci, Jack, and Ashley are outraged that Graham was going to stick their mother in a facility.

Spoilers don't say who will win the war for custody of Dina, but fans know that neither Graham nor her children are going to back down. Things will probably get pretty ugly so make sure not to miss one episode. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM on CBS. Keep reading spoilers to find out in advance what your favorite characters are up to.