"The Young and the Restless" spoiler alerts accurately stated that Christian Newman would be kidnapped as on Wednesday the child disappeared. Celeb Dirty Laundry missed it however by teasing that the culprit would be his father Adam. Rumors that Victor's youngest son is returning to genoa city have been strong ever since Justin Hartley left the role in October 2016. Fans believing that Adam was behind his son going missing were disappointed because the Kidnapper turned out to be Dina Mergeron, who mistakenly thought the little boy was her son Jack.

The Alzheimer's disease is taking a toll on the Abbot family as well as everyone else in town.

Adam Newman is a no-show again in Genoa City

Spoiler alerts both from Celeb Dirty Laundry, and Soaps She Knows has been reporting that Adam Newman would return to Genoa City for quite a while. For 15 months spoilers have insinuated that Justin Hartley or Michael Muhney might return to the role they both portrayed. Most recent rumors suggest the character would be played by a new actor. When Chelsea went to New Orleans with Billy, Nick, and Phyllis spoilers said she would see someone who looked like her deceased husband but it did not pan out.

Last week spoilers implied that Adam would return to town and emerge as the kidnapper and that a DNA test would be done which would prove that Nick is not the biological father of Christian, Viewers thought that finally, the mystery of Adam, as well as the paternity issue, would be put to rest.

Unfortunately, as of Thursday, there has been no sign of Victor's baby boy or any logical reason for genetic testing.

Dina Mergeron's health is declining

On Thursday as Sharon and Abby were fighting over Scott, Chelsea looked away for just a moment and Christian went missing. The disturbance was over once everyone realized the little boy was nowhere to be found.

The dysfunctional trio along with Paul, Nick, Lauren and the GCPD began a frantic search for the child. Later Dina was shown playing with him and calling him Jackie. Her declining health cause Ms. Mergeron to believe she was talking to her son when he was younger and she also thought Jack was his father John.

Dina has set a fire, kidnapped a child, and insulted most everyone in Genoa City who has come her way in recent weeks.

She has been wrecking havoc at Jabot and caused Jack to have to fight for his CEO position. Now she believed that Nick's son was her own child and is mistaking her adult son for his father. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on CBS for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless," to find out if Adam returns and if this is the beginning of the end for Ms. Mergeron.