Marla Adams has been really entertaining viewers of "The Young and the Restless" with her recent performances. Dina's diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease is troubling as fans know that eventually, her character will die. Celeb Dirty Laundry, however, gives some hope based on an interview with the actress. It seems that head writer Mal Young is modeling Ms. Mergeron's struggles on his personal situation of his mother battling the dreaded disease. Young cared for her so he certainly has insight in terms of how this illness progresses. This is good news for fans who are loving Dina's meatier roles and want to see her on screen as much as possible.

Marla Adams has been assured she is going nowhere

Former head writer Sally Susman brought Adams back on board so Dina could return to genoa city. Adams asked and was assured that she was not brought back to "The Young and the Restless" just to die. Once Mal Young took over the position he told the veteran actress that she was not going anywhere. This is good news as Adams is a versatile actress and really stretching herself into this role. Spoilers also add that Young is using Jack to express the point of view he saw when he dealt with his own mother.

When Dina's symptoms began to increase loyal viewers were concerned that her time was near. Now they will be happy to know that Marla Adams and her lovable character may be around much longer than anyone anticipated.

There is so much more to be explored with this storyline and there needs to be closure where Graham is concerned. He returned briefly on Thursday and was shown sipping a drink shortly before Christian was kidnapped.

Dina is a lovable handful in Genoa City

There is nothing funny about someone dying from Alzheimer's disease but Mal Young is writing Dina's behavior with dignity and some humor.

She has run off caregivers and told Nikki and Hilary both what she thinks of them. In her lucid moments, Ms. Mergeron is a spitfire. She speaks her mind without bitting her tongue and fans love her. The flip side is that her actions are now involving others in Genoa City and have at times been dangerous. Jack does not want his mother to be put in a facility but she is becoming a handful.

On Thursday, Dina thought Jack was his father John and she turned out to be the one who made off with little Christian because she thought he was a very young Jack. The scene where Jack had to take the child from her arms and give him back to his father was heart-wrenching. This is, however, the second time Ms. Mergeron has affected Nick Newman's life. The first was when she accidentally burned down his club.

Although he has compassion for Dina's plight the situation with Christian may cause the volatile Mr. Newman to insist that she be confined somewhere. Jack will be in turmoil as he tries to decide the best course of action for his mother, and things will only get worse now that Graham has returned to Genoa City. Stay tuned weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM on CBS for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless."