Yamoshi was a pure-blooded Saiyan, the original owner of the Super Saiyan transformation, which everybody thought was only a myth among the inhabitants of the ancient planet Sadala (Universe 7). Said myth/legend passed through the years until it reached the ears of Frieza, and the rest we already know. A lot of information for this article comes from a report by Otakukart.

Ever since this legend was confirmed by Toriyama, telling that Yamoshi was the first SSJ and therefore the legendary SSJ, people have started to ask hundreds of questions about how strong he really was.

Many people think that for being the legendary Super Saiyan, he owns an extremely great power, this "wrong" idea is given since most of us still have the image of Broly (the legendary Super Saiyan non-canon created by Toei Animation) and he was an immensely strong character who made a perfect reference to what was or still is the first legend ever told about the SSJ.

The real story of Yamoshi

Thousands of years ago, on the planet Sadala (Universe 7), a pure-hearted Saiyan named Yamoshi fought along with five other Saiyans against another great crowd of evil Saiyans. During the arduous combat, he was cornered, transforming himself into the Super Saiyan thanks to his large number of "S Cells" and the activator that might have been the anger or the cornering situation he experienced.

However, even though he managed to transform himself into an SSJ, he was defeated along with his other five partners and he died in combat shortly after the battle was over. Later on, his spirit wandered around searching for the new "Savior" who could bring peace once again to the Saiyan world, along with the other six pure-hearted Saiyans, and one of these will be the Super Saiyan God.

Yamoshi's power

Yamoshi isn't as strong as we believe (this belief is because of the image we already have of Broly), Yamoshi's power in its Base Form was a little greater than the one of the average Saiyan (mid-class), without reaching the Elite class (based on this we can say that the Vegeta from the Saiyan Saga was stronger that Yamoshi in his base form).

That's how he was fighting the evil Saiyans.

With all of this, what I want to suggest is to not be taken in by the phrases like “the Legendary Super Saiyan” or “the Super Saiyan from the legend.” Yamoshi isn't Broly. Yamoshi wasn't the one gifted with almost infinite power. The legend of the Super Saiyan changed considerably after what Toriyama said.

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