"This Is Us" returns for what most of the fans are expecting to be a thrilling dive into Pearson family affairs. An incredible well-structured story, "This Is Us" is set to resume Season 2 just days after encountering the Golden Globes success. Episode 11 picks up the threads from where they left off in December. As the story gained in the complexity compartment, it became clear that it will be a difficult task to make any strong projection regarding the future direction of the show.

The show's complexity has been fueled by an appealing narration technique which implies a constant back and forth between two different temporal axes.

One of NBC's biggest hits, this show has won its place in the hearts of those who enjoy a touchy yet raw approach.

'This Is Us' broke the Golden Globes' ice

The 75th Golden Globes edition took place in Beverly Hills, California. As it happened in 2017 too, "This Is Us" had its own place being nominated in three categories. The same number of chances as in 2018, the only difference being that this time, it pulled out one trophy.

Sterling K. Brown, who plays Randall Pearson in "This Is Us" put his hands on the Golden Globes award for the best actor in a TV drama. Following the announcement, he delivered an emotional speech thanking everyone involved in the show but with a special greeting to Dan Fogelman, the NBC show's mastermind.

In case some of you missed it, you can watch Sterling K. Brown's speech in the link below.

It seems like a perfect timing to resume a well-crafted TV show

The "This Is Us" airing date for Episode 11 couldn't have been better. Tonight (Jan. 9), Season 2 will put some grease on those rusty wheels to get the show moving, even though some special efforts may not be needed.

Dipped in Golden Globes recognition, "This Is Us" seems to have a guaranteed path to a bright future.

According to IMDb, Season 3 is already a done deal, which raises questions about its longevity. Given the pattern, this kind of TV show can go on for years. The only hard part is to keep a constantly raised bar in terms of overall content quality.

Now that the holidays are done and dusted, "This Is Us" returns to ensure an emotional and touchy content for those in need of something like this. Jack Pearson will deliver some smart insight to his three kids while on another temporal dimension and Kevin Pearson will have to handle the mess he has created by himself. It's going to be interesting to watch what direction the show will choose next.