It's no secret that Donald Trump has not had the best relationship with celebrities. In the most recent shot from Hollywood, action movie star and former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger has decided to hit back at the president.

Arnold on Donald

From the day Donald Trump announced his plan to run for president, he quickly fell out of favor with the more left-leaning Hollywood. Trump's remarks about illegal immigrants from Mexico being "rapists" and "murderers" didn't go over well with celebrities, even with those who were Republican.

As the election moved forward, Trump engaged in a heated war of words with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was soon tapped to replace him as host of "The Apprentice." The former reality show host ripped into Schwarzenegger on more than one occasion, criticizing him for his job on the show as well has his performance as governor. In return, Schwarzenegger would routinely call Trump out over a variety of issues, most notably his policies on climate change. After it was announced that the president could approve additional off shore drilling in the waters off Southern California, Schwarzenegger decided to throw shade at Trump during a pair of tweets on January 23.

Taking to his personal Twitter feed this week, Arnold Schwarzenegger sent a message to Donald Trump over his decision on oil drilling in the Pacific Ocean.

"Don’t touch California," Schwarzenegger warned. "If you want to drill, do it off Mar-a-Lago," he added, in reference to the president's private resort in Florida.

"Better yet, look to the future, follow CA’s lead & go green and we can all breathe easier," the "Terminator" star went on to tweet, before pointing out that "the US’s largest economy is nearly 50% renewable." Schwarzenegger noted that the coast was an "economic gold mine" and warned the president "Do not put them at risk."

Trump's take

While much of the argument against increased drilling is due to environmental reasons, Donald Trump has made it clear that's it not a main concern for his administration.

Trump has spoken out against the idea of climate change and global warming in the past, going as far as claiming it was all a "hoax" made up by China, while engaging in additional mockery on social media. As of press time, neither the president nor the White House have responded to Schwarzenegger's tweets, though considering Trump's history, it's possible that he does.