If you have been following the “Teen Mom” star Catelynn Lowell since “16 and pregnant” then you would know that she and her husband Tyler Baltierra are pretty much fan favorites. The reason the couple is most known for is that they gave their first child up for adoption as they believed that they couldn’t raise a child in both of their living conditions. However, not that much later the pair agreed to have another child, and they are making it work but when the “Teen Mom” cameras are off Lowell has been struggling with her mental health. Recently, Lowell entered rehab to help with her suicidal thoughts, and she then got a tattoo to help her get through these hard times.

What does this tattoo look like and what kind of mental health problems does Lowell have?

In case you haven’t been following the star for a while now, then you wouldn’t know that she has been battling multiple mental issues. For example, she has been struggling with anxiety for a while now, and she has even spoken about it. The “Teen Mom” star spoke to In Touch Weekly and said the following about her anxiety and depression: “I started having anxiety and panic attacks in the middle of the night, which led me into a deep depression.” Not only has she been struggling with anxiety and depression, she has also been battling a fight with postpartum depression.

She spoke to the Daily Mail about this by saying: “I don’t think people understood the fact that my panic attacks are paralytic panic attacks, which is where I can not think, I can not function or move or hear any noises.

I just sit in a ball and cry.” Well, now the “Teen Mom” star has gotten a tattoo to help her with her struggles, and it reads “My Story isn’t over yet.” I have put the actual tattoo below so you can look at it with your own eyes. She posted the picture on Twitter and if you want to see other motivational and inspirational posts you can follow her on Twitter.

What is the cast of 'Teen Mom' up to?

Not that long ago, the stars of “Teen Mom” reportedly got their salaries leaked online. An example of these salaries would be that both Farrah Abraham and Lowell make around $25,000 per episode of the MTV reality television show.

Jenelle Evans also recently (on camera) looked back at her controversial life, including her former toxic lovers. If you want to keep up with everything the cast of “Teen Mom” is doing you can watch the show and you can also follow them on their social media accounts.