If you haven’t been following Jenelle Evans, then you wouldn’t know that she recently got married to David Eason. Many would say that the build-up to the wedding itself was quite dramatic. For example, Evans almost called off the wedding only hours before she was supposed to walk down the aisle. However, as you now know, the two still decided to get married. She then realized that this marriage wasn’t a fairytale ending. Instead, it represented the closing of one chapter and the opening of another. By this new chapter in her life, Evans has decided to spill details about her past, including her rough relationships, in a new MTV "Teen Mom" special.

You can now continue to read below to find out about her past relationships.

What are Evans’ ex-lovers up to?

In case you don’t remember, Evans, in the past, has been in relationships with very toxic people. For example, Evans' first husband, Courtland Rogers, had just gotten out of jail after being arrested, in 2015, for possessing a Class A illegal substance. He was sentenced to three years behind bars for his crime. However, Rogers was released early, in March of this year, under an advanced supervised release program with good behavior in jail.

Another man from Evans’ past would obviously be Nathan Griffith with whom she is still in a legal battle over their child, Kaiser. Griffith is fighting for custody because he believes that Evans is still using dangerous substances and that she isn’t fit to look after their son.

It is also worth mentioning that Nathan believes that Evans cannot control her anger issues and/or exercise good judgment when it comes to their child.

What is Jenelle Evans up to now?

Evans is still currently in the news, as she so frequently is, and most recently there has been speculation going around that she is broke. The reason fans believe this is because Evans has been trying to launch three business ventures in the space just a few months.

It is worth mentioning that one of her business ventures was a clothing line that just sold hoodies and t-shirts with witty sayings on them. With Evans apparently being broke, some people believe that she will return to "Teen Mom" to star in a new season of the show to earn more money for her family and her legal battles. You can always catch up with the controversial mother on her social media accounts and you can also watch the MTV "Teen Mom" special that aired just last night.