Farrah Abraham is one of the only “Teen Mom” girls who has not had another child after initial pregnancy. She has remained a staple in the franchise because of her unique story. Unfortunately, this may be the last season she hangs around because of her other business ventures. Abraham has been called “over the top” on several occasions, and her relationship with her parents often makes headlines. Aside from her gig as a reality star, Abraham is also a businesswoman.

Private life

For the majority of the last several seasons, Farrah Abraham has been dating Simon Saran.

He has been her on-again-off-again boyfriend, fueling a storyline for both of them. Currently, they are friends, though it appears there is nothing romantic happening between them. He has supported Abraham during her business ventures. Saran has also vacationed with the “Teen Mom OG” star on several occasions. While fans loved her with him, Abraham wanted a commitment, and he wasn't willing to give it to her.

According to OK! Magazine, Farrah Abraham had a pregnancy scare she discussed for a brief minute on Snapchat. Details weren't given out, it was mostly said in passing. Could Simon Saran be the man who had given her the scare? Are they dating once again? This is quite shocking as the “Teen Mom OG” star has gone several years without another child.

Raising Sophia takes all of her time, especially managing the budding career the little girl has. Having another child now could also potentially hinder the career in the adult industry Abraham has been working on building for herself.

What's next for Farrah?

Right now, Farrah Abraham is enjoying her businesses and her career.

She is rumored to be done with “Teen Mom OG,” which is currently airing on MTV. Abraham has tried to sever ties before, but she has always come back to the show that made her a star. Sophia is starting a modeling career and running her own kids clothing line as well. There is a lot to do when you are your own boss, and Farrah remains busy daily.

Another baby isn't off the table for Farrah Abraham, but at this point, it isn't something she is planning on. Love and marriage are something she has expressed wanting in the past, and those will come before another child. Farrah is enjoying her life at the moment, one without an infant in tow all the time. There are plenty of years ahead where having more children would be better for Farrah, both in the love department and time department.