If you didn’t like Mykelti Brown’s husband, Tony Padron before reading this article, then you are really not going to be very fond of him now. Let’s be honest here, Padron has never really been a fan-favorite when it comes to the TLC family Reality Television Series “Sister Wives,” as many fans see him as very selfish and also very controlling. For example, when Kody was hesitant to pay for Mykelti’s and his wedding because he would have to pay for two back-to-back weddings.

This was because Kody’s other daughter Maddie tied the knot around six months before Mykelti did.

It annoyed Padron so he said that Kody should take a home equity out on his house so the father of the Brown family could pay for both weddings. Well, last night social media users were furious with Padron as he wanted to go dress shopping with not only Mykelti but also the four Brown mothers as well.

How did social media react to Padron going wedding dress shopping?

It is safe to say that not only were social media users angry with the fact that Padron invited himself to go wedding dress shopping, but the four Brown mothers weren’t too happy either. Padron got on the mothers’ nerves very quickly as he constantly kept making jokes about things such as push up bras and sparkly dresses.

The jokes and remarks also annoyed some Brown family fans online, as one user wrote: “Is Tony with his groomzilla-ness getting on everyone's last nerve or it it just me?

Why is he at the bridal shop picking wedding dresses? #SisterWives @tlc.” While another commented on the situation by writing: “Your opinion isn’t the only opinion. #sisterwives #saveMykelti from this nightmare marriage before it’s too late.”

As you can tell a few fans weren’t happy in the least that Padron invited himself to this special event.

I have attached the actual Tweets below so you can see with your own eyes what some fans had to say about him.

What is the Brown family up to at the moment?

As you can tell from reading above the family is usually always busy with something, and, with the new season of the show just starting the family is as busy as ever.

For instance, Janelle Brown has been on a journey to lose weight for a while now, and there are rumors that Meri could be leaving Kody soon.

If you are interested in keeping up with the Brown family, you can follow them on social media and watch their TLC reality television series “Sister Wives.” It is also worth mentioning that the mothers are now in business together, as they have a jewelry store online.