Kailyn Lowry has lived her life in the public eye for several years now. Participating in “16 & Pregnant” and then moving on to do “Teen Mom 2” hasn't always been easy on her. There is a lot of criticism that comes with having your life filmed for the world to see. Aside from her children all having different fathers, Lowry catches a lot of heat about her appearance. She recently canceled her plastic surgery appointment with Dr. Miami to try and work on herself instead of a quick and easy fix. This wasn't easy for Kailyn at all, but now, she is questioning her decision to cancel.

Body image issues

Shortly after Kailyn Lowry announced she was not going through with the plastic surgery, photos of her at the beach with her son surfaced. They were clearly unflattering, especially focusing on her backside and legs. Lowry spoke out about how that felt to see that someone sold those photos and how now, she is questioning herself about her decision to cancel with Dr. Miami. She is constantly being ridiculed for her weight and appearance, maybe even more so than anything else in her life.

Recently, Kailyn Lowry talked about how she feels she is the most bulliedTeen Mom” star in the franchise.

While that may be how she feels, several of her co-stars are also picked apart on social media. Still, that doesn't minimize how Kailyn feels when she reads the tweets that are sent her way. Lowry believes this past year has been the worst in her career. It is beginning to affect her and the way she thinks and feels about herself.

Being real with her fans

Opening up on social media about how you are struggling with Body Image isn't something a lot of people would do, but Kailyn Lowry did just that. She revealed how she is able to do things like read and write books, but she is unable to teach herself to make better food choices. Of course, a lot of people deal with this and hearing it from someone who is in the public eye could help them.

Lowry has always been open with her fans about her struggles, but this time, she is really laying it all out there. She spent yesterday tweeting about the decision to not have the surgery and her battle with food. It may lead to more ridicule and ugliness, but that is a risk she is willing to take to share her story.

A lot has happened in the past year for Kailyn Lowry. There is hope that this next year will be better than ever, especially with her dreams to work on a television show and enjoy more time with her children now that she is done with school. Lowry plans to remain single for a while after a slew of failed relationships, but if the right one comes along, anything can happen.