Kylie Jenner pregnancy news broke last September, shocking "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" fans. Citing a very credible source, a few outlets have confirmed Kylie's pregnancy for her, despite her absolute silence on the baby news. Ever since, the "KUWTK" star has been hiding out at home and avoiding cameras like she developed an allergy to the paparazzi. This behavior is very unlike the Kylie that everyone knows from reality TV and social media, which has made speculation about her pregnancy even more intense.

There's no denying that baby bump

There have been several alleged Kylie Jenner sightings including one photo from inside a CVS pharmacy that was attributed to Kylie. However, at least that specific photo is said to actually not be Jenner. The photo wasn't clear enough to tell if it was really her or not.

When it comes to the latest Kylie Jenner pregnancy photo, there's no denying that it's her. Jordyn Woods and Kris Jenner also appeared in the snap shared by TMZ. The photo in question was reportedly taken in Hidden Hills on Wednesday as the trio walked near a construction site.

Kylie and Jordyn were spotted walking together while Kris followed behind them.

But wait, there's video too!

"Keeping Up With The Kardashians" fans got a lot more than just a Kylie Jenner pregnancy photo. There's a video of the young mom-to-be that also answers any questions that one might have about the state of Kylie's uterus.

In both the picture and the video, Kylie is wearing a baggy black sweatsuit.She is clearly taking the opposite approach to pregnancy as Khloe Kardashian. Kylie's big sister already said she's putting off maternity clothing for as long as she possibly can and continues to dress up in skirts, dresses, and heels as she shows off her growing Baby Bump.

On the other hand, even the few times we've seen Kylie since the pregnancy rumors started, she's been covered up in baggy clothes and jackets to hide her changing figure.

Why has Kylie been so shy?

Considering how much Kylie Jenner used to share with the world, many "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" fans can't help but wonder why she's been so secretive about her pregnancy. There has been a lot of speculation with guesses ranging from relationship trouble with Travis Scott to a possible reconciliation with Tyga to the "KUWTK" star just really wanting to have something she doesn't share with the world. Of course, there are those who also think it's about her insecurities and the massive amount of ridicule that her big sister Kim Kardashian got when she was pregnant with North and Saint.

Until Kylie clears the air, there's no telling why she's not sharing every single step of her pregnancy with her huge fanbase. Now that undeniable evidence that she is pregnant has finally surfaced, maybe Kylie Jenner will start talking about this experience and sharing it with those who can't wait to hear from her.