If you have been following the Brown family on social media over the last few months, then you would know that the family is very busy. For instance, it was just recently revealed that one of Kody’s daughters Aspyn Brown has become engaged to her now fiancée Mitch Thompson.

It is believed online that Thompson proposed to Aspyn on December 30th during a trip they had to Seattle. Well, Aspyn’s father Kody had quite the shocking reaction when he found out the two got engaged. It is also worth mentioning that the eldest Brown son Logan just announced his engagement to Michelle Petty late last year, so there are a few Brown family weddings we as “Sister Wives” viewers can look forward to seeing.

What was Kody Brown’s reaction to his daughter getting engaged?

As mentioned above Kody Brown had quite the surprising reaction to finding out that his daughter Aspyn is engaged to Mitch Thompson. What this infamous father did was upload a Twitter post congratulating his daughter, but in the caption, he also hinted that this was something he planned on making happen with others. Here is the caption from the Twitter post.

“The results of a conspiracy with @wmichaelbrown and @NathanDilts! Congratulations @AspynBrown.” In the actual Twitter post below, you can see with your own eyes what Kody Brown had to say about his daughter getting engaged.

What are the rest of the Brown family up to these days?

It is definitely safe to say that Kody is more happy with this wedding than he was with his other daughter Mykelti’s wedding to the controversial Tony Padron.

The reason this wedding was so controversial was because of the fact that Padron is seen as being too controlling of Mykelti as well as just being selfish.

For example, when Padron asked Kody if he could marry his daughter Kody didn’t know what to think as he had to already pay for his other daughter’s Maddie’s wedding as well as she tied the knot six months before Mykelti did.

This caused Padron to respond by saying that Kody should take a home equity out on his house so he could pay for both of the Brown weddings.

Padron also annoyed fans on the last week’s episode of the show as he invited himself wedding dress shopping with his fiancée and the Brown mothers. When he was there all he did was make rude remarks and silly comments. Now, if you want to keep up with what the Brown family are doing you can follow them on their TLC reality television programme “Sister Wives" and you can also follow them on their social media accounts as well.