The new hit Netflix series "She's Gotta Have It" is coming back for a second season! This is great news to start off 2018. Many people loved the first season and hopefully many questions will be answered in the second season.

'She's Gotta Have It' season 2 is coming

The main thing I would love to see with this second season is what happened with Nola and her collection of men after the Thanksgiving dinner surprise. The last thing shown during the first season finale was her having Thanksgiving dinner with Jamie, Mars, and Greer at the same time.

Things got pretty awkward as they all didn't know each other beforehand and did not even know they would all be meeting each other for dinner with Nola.

I am not going to lie, at first I was rooting for Nola during that scene after seeing her seem to have so much control over the situation. She seemed to have that freedom she had been searching for to have control over her life, but I cannot help but think right now maybe she messed up some good things by doing that.

I know Greer will forever be cool with her no matter what. He seems to be the most easy-going out of all of them because, of course, he has his own collection of women at his disposal, as shown from the dinner date scene in season one.

But Jamie may be the biggest problem out of the arrangement. He was already complaining about Nola having other men and giving them attention when he wanted it, even though he is still a full-blown married man. He also seemed to have strong feelings for Nola even with his messed up situation going on at home. Then again, Mars may not like her after the fact either.

During their first disagreement, he was the only one who was not aggressively blowing her phone up constantly, trying to fix things, compared to Jamie and Greer. He seems to value loyalty more than anything and that may not smooth over with him when it comes to Nola's other men.

Will Opal be back for season two?

I also question if Opal will be back for the second season.

The way that she and Nola ended was just too shallow for me. It's like she got one slight burst on the scene and then they just cut her time short. Or maybe Nola was just going through a phase again, who knows? I would love to see her come back in some way, shape, or form for the second season, whether it be a relationship with Nola or just her being Nola's friend.

Hopefully the second season will come soon, though no official date has been confirmed. According to the "She's Gotta Have It" official Twitter page, production will begin soon and a set date will be released at a later time this year. I cannot wait to see this one and just hope they do not take too long!