With reports looming that Mackenzie Edwards rarely even sees her son Hudson, rumors of another custody battle are taking shape. While Mackenzie continues to support her husband, Ryan Edwards, as he battles "Teen Mom OG" star Maci Bookout for custody of their son Bentley, her ex is gearing up to take her to court.

Zach Stephens wants custody of Hudson

According to a source close to Mackenzie Edwards' ex, Hudson's dad wants to get full custody of him rather than leave him in the care of Mackenzie. When they divorced in November 2016, Mackenzie was granted primary custody, meaning that she is to have Hudson a majority of the time.

However, it doesn't look like that is currently happening. To make matters worse, the source told Radar Online that Hudson doesn't even like going home.

"He wants to take Hudson from her,” a source told Radar. “She never has Hudson. It’s her mom, Ryan’s mom Jen or Zach watching him. Zach doesn’t feel with her is where Hudson needs to be.”

Despite reports of her rarely having Hudson, Zach is still paying child support to Mackenzie. Currently, he's paying a reported $245 per month, which was reduced from the original amount of $503 per month at the time of their divorce.

Mackenzie has claimed that the things being said about her are not true. Based on the amount of support she's given Ryan in his own battle it's safe to say that she will be fighting back.

This is just the latest blow for Ryan and Mackenzie, who have been dealing with a whole other custody war.

Ryan Edwards still fighting Maci Bookout for Bentley

On Season 6 of "Teen Mom OG," Maci Bookout put Ryan Edwards on blast for using drugs. Ryan was even shown driving while possibly under the influence on the way to their wedding ceremony, a clip that gained major headlines as "Teen Mom" fans couldn't even believe it happened.

Later it was learned that Ryan's drug habit was costing him up to $10,000 per week. Even though he was spending massive amounts of cash on his addiction, Mackenzie Edwards claims she had no idea. It wasn't until Maci exposed him on the MTV series that Mackenzie realized what was going on and demanded that he get help.

After returning from rehab, there were rumors that Ryan wasn't able to see Bentley and that Maci was limiting time between the father and son.

There are some conflicting stories but it turns out that Ryan has definitely spent some time with Bentley since getting sober.

However, Ryan Edwards is currently fighting for an actual written visitation agreement so that he doesn't have to deal with Maci Bookout's whims anymore. The "Teen Mom OG" star was demanding he take drug tests to get Bentley for the weekend and often reportedly refused to let him visit at all. Mackenzie even claimed that Maci was ignoring Ryan's texts and phone calls and then claiming that she hadn't heard from him.

With two different custody cases potentially going on at the same time and a whole lot of baggage behind them, "Teen Mom OG" fans are watching closely. Knowing that Ryan Edwards has certain triggers, one of the biggest being Maci Bookout, it seems that any added stress might just send him over the edge. Hopefully, Mackenzie Edwards' fight for her son won't do just that.